Severe Weather

Severe Weather

When winter weather hits, safety is our number one concern. Buses may experience delays or need to use alternate routes during severe weather. Paratransit service may also be affected by winter weather. Check this website for the latest information about how conditions are impacting transit. Also, tune into local news broadcasts for announcements of service delays. The Regional Call Center at 816-221-0660 will also be able to answer your questions about delays. Track your KCATA bus with WebWatch

Find current information about severe weather on social media or in the passenger bulletin section of our website.

Social media

Kansas City region: Twitter @RideKCTransit - Facebook 
Johnson County, Kan.: Twitter @RideKCJoCo - Facebook 
Kansas City, Kan.: Twitter @UGTransit - Facebook 
Independence: Twitter @inde_bus 
Kansas City Streetcar: Twitter @kcstreetcar - Facebook

Travel Tips

  • Use caution getting on and off buses, and walking to the stop. In winter, thawing and refreezing may occur; even if pavement looks clear, it may be icy.
  • Dress for the weather.
  • Carry a cellphone.

Snow Reroute Plans

Each transit agency in the Kansas City area has its own snow plan whenever wintry conditions require rerouting normal service.

KCATA: See below (For Paratransit snow plan and phases, see here.)
Johnson County: See below
Independence: Snow Routes

The reroutes listed below are common problem spots during inclement weather. Make sure you are familiar with them before severe weather hits. Conditions may make additional reroutes and or delays necessary. RideKC Freedom service may also be affected by winter weather.

Routes affected by Snow Plan

Check the list to see if your route is part of the Snow Reroute Plan. 

9 9TH ST.  Eastbound buses will go east on 12th to Winchester, south on Winchester to Truman Rd., west on Truman Rd. to Ewing, north on Ewing to 12th and resume regular route.

10 WOODLAND-BROOKLYN Buses will travel on Brooklyn between 22nd and 25th Streets and not use 22nd, 25th and Vine Streets.

18 INDIANA Buses will use 68th St. between Cleveland and Jackson instead of 68th Terr.

23 23RD ST. Buses will not travel to Blue Valley Court Townhouses on Wheeling & Park Tower Dr. Instead, eastbound buses will enter Blue Valley Park from 23rd & Topping, circle the park drive and then exit the park, returning to regular route at 23rd & Topping.

31 31ST ST. Buses will use Hwy. 40 to Sterling Ave. Buses will not use Pittman Rd. in either direction, nor travel through Stonegate Meadows Apartments.

47 BROADWAY Eastwood Hills buses will use 51st St. between Eastwood Trfwy. and Sni-A-Bar Rd., if Ararat is impassable.

52 WARD PARKWAY LIMITED The express bus will not use Madison or Belleview between 47th and Westport. Northbound and southbound buses will use Roanoke then resume regular route.

571 71 HWY. EXPRESS (A.M.) Buses will use Hwy. 71 between Red Bridge and Bannister Rd. Buses will not use Hillcrest in either direction.

RideKC Flex Snow Pick-up & Drop-off Plan

During bad weather, road conditions may not allow RideKC Flex to reach certain parts of a Service Area. Travel may be restricted to major streets. Customers may need to go to a major street to catch RideKC Flex. During inclement weather, call the RideKC Flex office at 816-346-0346 to check travel restrictions.

Areas where buses may not be able to travel:

299 Gladstone-Antioch Flex
Jefferson & Broadway (between Englewood & 72nd) 
Antioch at 64th St. over to 72nd East (before Antioch changes to Prospect)
65th, Wayne, Flore & Shady Lane Rd. 
Bennington (Between Parvin & 48th) 
45th Terr (Winn to to Chouteau Trafficway)

298 NKC Flex 
Sunny Hills Apartments
French Quarters to Clark Ferguson

399 Raytown Flex
59th & Woodson to 350 & Woodson
83rd St. to 350 Highway

99 South Kansas City Flex 
Willow Creek/100th & Wornall
Neighborhoods Wornall & Holmes (between 99th & 95th)
Wornall & Holmes (Between 91st & 92nd) 
Holmes to Troost (Between Minor & 120th) 
Lydia (Mews, between Bannister and 99th)
Hillcrest between Bannister and Redbridge
South of Red Bridge, west of 71 Highway
West of 99th between James A. Reed and Blue Ridge 
Bannister & Spring Valley (neighborhoods both North and South) 
Ruskin Heights Neighborhood (between Red Bridge, Longview Rd., Blue Ridge and Greenwood)

Park & Rides 

If you are a park and ride customer, please be aware that KCATA crews clear some of the park and rides while other park and rides are cleared by the owners of the property. View all Park and Ride locations. KCATA crews will be out long before rush hour on heavy snow days to make sure the following park and rides are cleared as quickly as possible.

    Antioch Park & Ride: 21, 233, 234, 236, 238, 243, 299
    Gregory & Wornall: Main MAX
    74th Terr. & Wornall: Main MAX
    Boardwalk Square MetroCenter: 129, 136, 142, 230, 231, 239
    Bannister & Troost: Troost MAX, 51, 99
    31st & Troost: Troost MAX, 31 
    Red Bridge & 71 Hwy.: 571
    Mission Transit Center (Parking next to Wendy's on the south side of Martway, just east of the transit center): 401, 402, 403, 405, 435, 519  
    Nazarene Church: 519 
    Heartland Community Church: 403, 435, 519
    National Guard Armory: All trips where bus is leaving base. Availability varies: Call 913-715-8267.
    Johnson County Community College: 402, 403, 435, 475, 510
    KU Edwards Campus: 475, 510
    Rosana Square: 401, 404
    Palazzo 16 Theatre: 569
    Blue Valley Baptist Church: 569
    Oak Park Mall: 402, 435, 475, 595
    66th & Hilltop: 593
    Shawnee Station: 563
    TradeNet: 595
    4th & Nelson: 595
    19th & Haskel: 510

Other park and rides will be cleared by crews and property owners as quickly as possible.

RideKC Johnson County Snow Plan

When the RideKC Snow Plan is in effect, the Johnson County routes included in the table below may have limited service. On RideKC social media and on, look for the announcement, “The RideKC Snow Plan for Johnson County Routes is in effect for a.m. and/or p.m. trips on (date). Northbound trips will begin at (time) and southbound trips will begin at (time)."

Plan to board your bus at your usual boarding location.

Upon the Snow Plan announcement, Johnson County Routes will begin service so that northbound buses depart the designated location 90 minutes before southbound buses, unless otherwise announced. (Route 510 westbound will depart 90 minutes before eastbound trips). 

See the table below. 

Numbers in parentheses indicate the route number the bus will have in January 2017, when several route numbrers change. 

Buses will provide one trip from: 

Route A.M. Northbound A.M. Southbound P.M. Northbound P.M. Southbound
401 137th & Antioch Universities MAX 137th & Antioch Universities MAX
402 Oak Park Mall 16th & Central 127th & Mur-Len 16th & Central
403 K-7 & Santa Fe 12th & Washington K-7 & Santa Fe 12th & Washington
404 Rosana Square 12th & Washington Rosana Square 12th & Washington
405 107th & Nall No service No service 12th & Washington
435 Regular service, unless otherwise announced Regular service, unless otherwise announced Regular service, unless otherwise announced Regular service, unless otherwise announced
482 No service No service No service No service
475 KU Edwards 75th & Troost (MAX) KU Edwards 75th & Troost (MAX)
495 87th & Scarborough 74th Terr. & Broadway 74th Terr. & Broadway 87th & Scarborough
510* JCCC (westbound) KU - Lawrence JCCC (westbound) KU - Lawrence
519 Great Mall See 661/670 below See 661/670 below 12th & Washington
595 New Century Pkwy. See 661/670 below See 661/670 below 12th & Washington
563 K-7 Santa Fe No Service No Service 12th & Washington
569 151st & Mur-Len No Service No Service 12th & Washington
519/595 See 519 or 595 above 12th & Washington New Century Pkwy. See 519 or 595 above


  • No Johnson County Flex Service (482 and midday service on 401 and 475) will operate when the RideKC Snow Plan is in effect.
  • All buses will travel the regular route, unless street closures or other road incidents require detours.
  • Expect longer than usual wait times between northbound to southbound transfers at the Mission Transit Center. Southbound to northbound transfers will not be possible.
K-7 & Santa Fe