Performance Dashboard

RideKC Performance Dashboard 
RideKC Bus and MAX Monthly Dashboard   

RideKC has created a dashboard to share important statistics with customers and the community. This dashboard will give the community access to our data. 

What is in this dashboard?

Key performance indicators including ridership, hours of service, on-time performance, the cost of service, and more are included in the monthly report. As of January 2023, this dashboard includes data for all services operated by KCATA. RideKC services by the KC Streetcar, City of Independence, or Johnson County Transit are not included in this dashboard. PDF versions of the report for all KCATA service and all KCMO service are available:

Tips and instructions to navigate the dashboard are below the report. It may take a moment for the dashboard to load. 

How do I look at this dashboard?

There’s a lot of data in this dashboard – we know some people will really want to dig in. There are five pages to the report, which you can scroll through using the arrows at the bottom of the report. The first page has important numbers that we use to track our overall quality of service. There’s also a glossary at the bottom of page 1 for some reporting and transit terms.

Pages 2 through 5 each cover a specific aspect of service, such as “Ridership” or “On Time Performance.” On these pages you can use interactive filters. The default view is to show the statistics for all KCMO service.

Ways to filter:

  • Data can be filtered by the Day of Service (Weekday/Saturday/Sunday) or by the Mode of service (MAX, Local, Express, or Flex Routes) by using drop-down menus in the upper right-hand corner of pages 2-5.
  • Data can be filtered for single or multiple routes by using the map or table graphic. On a desktop computer, hold “Control” while clicking to select multiple routes on the table or map. The chart and map will be updated based on your selection. The map also includes a lasso and box selection tool. Filters can be removed by double-clicking on the visualization used to filter.
  • Data on each table can be sorted ascending or descending based on an attribute, in ascending or descending order based on the numeric value or by alphabet. To sort the table, click on the heading you wish to sort by. To reverse the sorting, click the heading again.
  • Data for previous months can be accessed by clicking the data point on the chart in the upper right-hand corner of pages 2-5.

What does KCATA do with this data? 

This is the data we use to help us make decisions about service, including planning, budgeting, and staffing. For example, if a route is showing poor on-time performance, we look at the cause of the delays and if we can fix that by revising the scheduled times.

More about this dashboard

We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer to access all features of this Power BI interactive dashboard.

This tool is still in development so If you have questions or feedback, please email us at