Celebrate Transit Driver Appreciation Day on March 17

Date:March 15, 2023
Celebrate Transit Driver Appreciation Day on March 17

Kansas City bus operators have an important job, connecting people to work, healthcare, education and more. They deal with a lot of challenges, whether it’s the weather, traffic, detours, or a customer in a bad mood. 

No matter the circumstances, bus operators persevere. They work all hours, in all weather to make sure you have safe, reliable transportation.

Now is a good time to send a heartfelt “Thank you” to the 400-plus Kansas City bus operators. This week, transit systems across the globe pay tribute to their hardworking operators when they celebrate Transit Driver Appreciation Day (TDAD). Transit Driver Appreciation Day is usually celebrated March 18, but we are celebrating a day early on Friday.

TDAD began in 2009, when two transit riders from Seattle wrote a blog post that inspired an international movement. RideKC is encouraging customers to join transit riders everywhere in showing appreciation to their operators.

Best Ways to Celebrate Transit Driver Appreciation Day 

Say Thank You. It’s easy, it’s direct and it’s free. Just tell your driver “Thank you,” “I appreciate you,” or “You make a difference to me.” You get the idea – a few simple words is all it takes. Nonverbal communication works too. A thumbs up or a friendly wave will let them know they matter to you.

Tell their boss. Use to tell us about your favorite drivers. If you don’t know their name, be sure to let us know when and where you most recently caught their bus, and we should be able to identify them, and pass along the compliments.

Go social. Let the world know what’s great about your bus driver. Go to social media to share how they make Kansas City better, whether it's through a consistent helpful attitude or a heroic action like helping someone in a medical emergency. Be sure to use the hashtags #TDAD. We’d love it if you tag us on Twitter (@RideKCTransit), Facebook (@RideKC) or Instagram (@RideKC).

Kansas City bus operators have served on the frontlines during the pandemic, getting other essential workers to jobs in healthcare, food service, childcare, and more. We appreciate our bus operators every day, but we want you to join us and transit fans across the world in saying “Good job” in honor of Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

Thank you, RideKC Bus Operators!