Fares & Passes

Transit app to plan a trip, track a ride, and pay a fare.

NEW IN MAY 2020: Transit is the new official app of RideKC. Download Transit to upgrade your transit experience with improved trip planning and real-time information. 

COVID Update, January 2021: Fares are suspended on RideKC buses as a preventative message to reduce interaction among riders and bus operators. When fares resume, customers will be able to purchase fares in Transit. Fares are being changed on Freedom On-Demand, and effective Nov. 9, 2020, on 199 Micro Transit in KCK and 499 Micro Transit in Johnson County. See links for information on booking trips and paying fare through an app.

Whether you ride every day or once in a while, you'll save. Learn about the options that work best for you.

If you ride occasionally, paying each time you ride is the way to go. In most areas, the base bus fare is $1.50, with express routes costing a little more. Seniors, youths and riders with disabilities can qualify for a half fare in many places.  

Riding several days in a row or every day? There are a variety of passes, priced for the type of transit you are riding. If you are looking for one pass that will let you travel throughout the region, a 31-day pass for local service is available for $50, letting you ride the bus in Kansas City, Johnson County, Wyandotte, County and Independence. There are different passes for express routes and local routes; and reduced fare passes are available to qualified seniors, youth, and riders with disabilities.

A popular options for traveling across the region is the Day Pass. The $3 pass is available on board local bus routes in Kansas City, Johnson County, and and Independence buses. It is accepted on local bus routes in those areas, as well as Wyandotte County. 

Cash Fare: Pay the cash fare with coins, except pennies, $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. Children 5 and under ride free. Children 6 to 11 pay reduced fare, but do not need required ID. 

Transfers: After paying cash fare or inserting a Change Card, request a transfer. Transfers are good for two hours. Swipe transfer to use. Additional fare may be required when transferring to a route with higher fare. 

Riding the KC Streetcar? The KC Streetcar is free to ride, which means there is no fare to ride on the streetcar as it travels the 2 miles through the heart of downtown.

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