RideKC to the Parade Of Hearts through June 10

Date:June 02, 2022
RideKC to the Parade Of Hearts through June 10

Time is running out to see the Parade of Hearts in the KC region. Join RideKC for a virtual tour, or take a RideKC bus or KC Streetcar to see some of the hearts in person.

Parade of Hearts is a public arts experience in the Heartland of the United States.  Until June 10, original artwork is on display around the region. The project is raising funds for those most affected by the events of 2020 and 2021.

Local artists designed 5-foot tall, three-dimensional heart sculptures. These unique pieces of art have been placed throughout the region. 

No doubt you’ve seen the hearts while on your RideKC bus. To find all the hearts, download the Parade of Hearts app. It’s a virtual guide to Kansas City’s original public HeART experience. You can navigate your way through the city with the help of this app. You can learn about each artist and the meaning behind their heart. An interactive map makes it easy to find nearby hearts.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite hearts along RideKC routes. Check out the video previews, and then go see them in person by June 10.

HeARTs Preview Click for video on YouTube

HeARTS around KU Med Center

HeARTs in Jazz District Click for video on YouTubeHeart in Jazz District

HeARTS on Central Ave.

HeARTS in Downtown KCK

HeARTS around Union Station and WWI Museum

What is the symbolism behind the KC heart?

The heart has been a part of KC for more than 100 years. In the early 1900’s railroad workers work KC Heart pins to identify where they were from. According to the Parade of Hearts, the “Heart of America” has been displayed in the form of railroad pins, at civic events, on t-shirts, to the uniforms of the legendary Monarchs Negro League Baseball Team who sported the KC heart on their uniforms.