Frequently Asked Questions

Does RideKC publish statistics about service?

RideKC has created a dashboard to share important statistics with customers and the community. This is a beta version that we are sharing to give the community access to our data and learn how we can improve the dashboard with your suggestions.

Where can I send a driver a compliment or make a complaint?

Use our online Contact Form to send a complaint or compliment. You can also ask about items left on the bus with this from. Please include as many details as possible. 

How do I apply for a job with RideKC?

To apply for a job with KCATA, visit the website

Applications for all open positions are accepted online. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is the downtown streetcar part of RideKC?

Yes. The Kansas City Downtown Streetcar is also branded as a RideKC service. It will connects to RideKC bus service along its two-mile route from Union Station to River Market. The streetcar also shares services with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.

How do I learn more?

Hopefully this website answers many of your questions about RideKC, regional transit initiatives, and how to ride transit in Kansas City. We welcome your questions!

If you would like to send us a question, use this form.

You can also request a speaker for an organization.

Why the name RideKC?

Good question! RideKC combines the action of “Ride” with the acronym “KC” that has come to define the Kansas City area. Ride is an active verb, a command, a lively word. And KC represents the region that we all call home, and the pride in the great things happening throughout the region; everything from sports to arts to dining.

RideKC is a unified presence for all transit agencies. We are connecting all transit agencies and making it easy to travel throughout the region, from KCK to Mission, from the Northland to Independence, from Blue Springs to Downtown.

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