Henderson Named Missouri Transit Operator Champion

Date:October 17, 2022
Henderson Named Missouri Transit Operator Champion

RideKC Operator Charles Henderson, Badge #9, was recently presented with a 2022 Missouri Transit Operator Champion award by the Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA), the statewide transit association representing all 34 transit providers. The award honors transit operators across the state for their selfless dedication and heroism. The MPTA recognized a total of 16 transit operators with this award at the 2022 State Conference and Expo, held in Springfield in September.

Henderson was nominated for this recognition by the KCATA for delivering top-notch customer service every day to every customer.

"Charles understands that he is transporting precious cargo – people, not packages – and is always at work ready to serve his community with pride," nominator and Road Supervisor Barrett Lee said. "He smiles when he drives his bus, says good morning and tells customers to have a nice day when they leave. He understands that going above and beyond doesn’t always mean lifesaving feats. Sometimes, the little things, like a smile and empathy, touch people in lifesaving ways and he does that in an exemplary way. Henderson truly makes every person feel special, no matter their circumstances or standing in life, and those at KCATA feel lucky and proud to have him on their team."

Henderson has driven a bus for more than 28 years. He's a regular driver on the 201 North Oak. 

Vice President of Operations Chuck Ferguson presented Henderson with the award and a gift card from MPTA in front of a cheering crowd of Henderson's coworkers. 

"Charles appreciates the needs of his customers, and has a deep sense of service," Ferguson said. "He told me, 'I've got their backs, and they've got mine.' Charles delivers exceptional customer service, and the riders of the 201 are grateful for him. We are proud to have him representing RideKC. Thanks to MPTA for recognizing Charles as a Transit Champion." 

Group of RideKC employee surround Charles Henderson

“Despite countless challenges these past two years, transit operators have provided critical public transportation services in every county, every single day in Missouri,” commented Kimberly Cella, executive director of the Missouri Public Transit Association. “This would not be possible without the dedication of hundreds of operators, many of whom go way beyond the call of duty to assist riders. They leave lasting impressions on those within the communities they serve, but their stories often go unnoticed by the masses. This award aims to recognize them for their dedication.”

The MPTA recognized a total of 16 transit operators with this award at the 2022 State Conference and Expo held in Springfield in September.