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This new app-based option offers same day service getting you where you need to go, when you need to get there.

Download the app and summon a taxi when you like. Book a trip when you need it and you can track your ride with your smartphone or tablet. No smartphone? No problem! Call 816.842.9070 to book a trip.

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Freedom On-Demand and Traditional Paratransit
Freedom On-Demand Freedom
(formerly Share-A-Fare)
No advance reservation required Schedule at least 24 hours in advance
Curb-to-curb service Door-to-door service
To book a trip: Use app or call 816.842.9070 To book a trip: Call 816.842.9070
Pay with cash, credit or debit card, or through the app Pay cash (exact amount required)
$5 for the first 5 miles & $2 each mile after  ADA $3 per trip
Non-ADA trip cost based on mileage
Up to 60 subsidized one-way trips per month Unlimited daily trips
Book a trip for a friend or family member Book a trip for a friend or family member

Pilot Service Area

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On-Demand Service Area

See a Google Map that allows you to zoom in. 

The shaded service area is the area where the paratransit subsidy is available. The area includes all of Johnson County and Wyandotte County in Kansas. The Kansas City Northland zone is bordered by Missouri Highway 152 on the north, Missouri Highway 1 (NE Antioch Rd) on the east, MO Highway 69 (NE Vivion Rd) on the south, and US Interstate 29 on the west. The zone south of the Missouri River is bordered by the Missouri River on the north and US Interstate 435 on the east. The southern boundary is 75th Street from State Line to Prospect Ave., and Hickman Mills and 87th Street between Prospect and 435. The area includes parts of Kansas City in Missouri, and all of Wyandotte and Johnson counties in Kansas.

How to use the Freedom On-Demand App

iOS app        Android app link

Detailed app instructions 

What you need to get started:

  • An iPhone or Android smartphone with access to the App Store or Play Store
  • Your paratransit account number and PIN number
  • Trips that originate in the pilot Freedom On-Demand service area

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Sign up: First name, email, phone number and password.
  3. Set up your account: You will need your five-to-seven digit paratransit account number. You will also need to enter your PIN at the time of each booking. Your PIN is your birth year (example: 1975).
  4. Book the trip: Make sure your origin is correct, then select your destination. Then request your trip.
  5. Pay for trip: Use cash or credit/debit card in cab or pay through RideKC Freedom app.

Standard data rates apply. 


When using the Freedom On-Demand service, look for a zTrip, Yellow Cab Co., or 10/10 Taxi branded with the RideKC Freedom logo on the sides of the vehicles.

On-Demand vehicles include zTrip, Yellow Cab and 10/10 Taxi

RideKC Freedom minibuses and sedans will not be serving On-Demand trips. RideKC Freedom minibuses are now blue and white with the RideKC Freedom logo. The sedans are white and will now have the new RideKC Freedom logo.

More resources

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