Johnson County, Kan.

What is RideKC Freedom?

RideKC Freedom is a shared ride program providing affordable curb-to-curb transportation for registered residents of Johnson County. RideKC Freedom rides may be provided by RideKC Freedom vehicles or through a local taxi provider (10/10 Taxi) that is scheduled by JCT. All procedures and policies remain the same regardless of the ride provider.

Eligibility and Application
Service Area
Reservations & Cancellations


To be eligible you must be:

A resident of Johnson County, Kansas.
Meet one of these categories:

  • Sixty-five (65) years of age or older, OR
  • Have a documented disability

Live within the designated service area or have means of travel to reach the designated service area.
Turn in an application either online or mailed in.

Riders may use RideKC Freedom for any trip purpose within the Johnson County service area (see below), and to Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kan.

RideKC Freedom operates Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. except major holidays. Trips will be scheduled by the rider up to seven (7) days in advance and no later than 2 days prior to the trip.

Premium Service is available to a limited number of riders who have schedules which are the same from week to week. There is an additional charge, but signing up saves the rider from calling in to schedule rides every week.

Application Submission

Paratransit is available to those who meet certain qualifications.

To apply for paratransit service from Johnson County, Kan., KCATA, Unified Government Transit, or IndeAccess, download a printable application in English or Spanish. The application and Ride Guide are available in alternate formats and in Spanish upon request by calling 816-842-9070 and pressing option 5 for Eligibility. 

For reduced fare, use the Reduced Fare Request Form and attachments.

Service Area 

Eligible riders may use RideKC Freedom for any trip purpose within the Johnson County boundary, and specified areas of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.  If the eligible rider lives outside of the defined service area, the rider is responsible for transportation to and from the closest service boundary. To verify your address on a Google map, click here.

Service Area Map

There is currently no fare for RideKC Freedom and RideKC Bus in Johnson County, Kansas. 

Click for larger map. [PDF] 
Johnson County Map


Reservations & Cancellation

Reservations: Once a patron receives an ID card, he/she may call RideKC Freedom and Swift at (816) 842-9070 and select Option 2 to schedule a ride. All ride scheduling, changes and/or modifications must be through the RideKC Freedom Scheduler. Riders wishing to communicate through Kansas Relay may call 1-800-766-3777. Scheduling is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. RideKC Freedom rides are based on a first come, first served basis. Riders should request rides at least two business days in advance or up to a maximum of seven calendar days in advance. Riders may not schedule RideKC Freedom rides through the Taxi company.

Riders should review the RideKC Freedom Guidelines and Policies before using the service. By using RideKC Freedom, a rider is verifying that he/she understands the policies and procedures of the service and will abide by them.

Cancellations: Un-needed or unwanted trips must be cancelled at least two hours before your scheduled pickup time. To cancel a trip, please call (816) 842-9070 and select Option 2. If you no longer need a return ride, call to cancel the return trip.


  • Schedule both pickup and return trips at the same time. If scheduling a ride to a medical appointment and the return trip time is unknown, patrons may schedule a “will call” trip. A “will call” trip allows the patron to call the RideKC Freedom Dispatcher when he/she is ready for the return trip. Pickup time will be within one hour in Johnson County or within 90 minutes if outside of Johnson County.
  • Drivers are not allowed to make trip reservations for passengers.
  • RideKC Freedom trips are scheduled with a 15 minute pickup window. This means the driver may arrive for pickup 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after your scheduled pickup time.
  • Drivers wait no longer than five minutes after they arrive for a scheduled pickup. For example, if a pickup is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. and the driver arrives at 7:45 a.m. (within the 15 minute window), the patron must board the vehicle by 7:50 a.m. or the driver will be dispatched to the next stop and leave. Passengers should board the vehicle as soon as it arrives. Riders will be charged for the trip if they fail to board the vehicle.  If the rider requests it and the schedule permits, a vehicle may return at a later time. Riders will be charged for the missed trip and the additional trip. If the rider has a return (second leg) trip scheduled, it will automatically be cancelled. If the rider wishes the ride to remain scheduled, the rider must notify Scheduling. Please be aware that the drivers are on a tight schedule.
  • RideKC Freedom vehicles will not stop at any location other than those that were scheduled. 
  • All passengers are required to wear seat-belts while being transported by RideKC Freedom.
  • RideKC Freedom is a shared ride system. Riders may be onboard up to 60 minutes. Please let the scheduler know your drop off time when you call in to request your trip.
  • If you use a wheelchair or a scooter, you must be properly restrained during loading, unloading, and transport. This means that all securement devices must be used and in good working order. This includes, but is not limited to, lap belts, brakes, shoulder restraints, wheelchair restraints, etc. If your mobility device cannot be properly secured, you will either need to transfer to a seat or you will not be transported.
  • If you use a wheelchair or a scooter, please state this when reserving your ride(s). Riders must have adequate sidewalks, ramps and driveways if they are to be transported by RideKC Freedom. It is not the driver’s responsibility to clear ramps, driveways or sidewalks of debris, snow, ice, etc.
  • Wheelchairs and scooters must back onto the lift during loading on RideKC Freedom buses. Riders are not allowed to face the interior of the bus while on the lift.
  • Riders who require oxygen must have a physician’s statement on file at the Johnson County Transit office stating that the rider uses oxygen.
  • If an Aide will accompany you, you must state this when reserving a ride. Your aide requires a separate ID card/number and rides free of charge.
  • Drivers only go to the exterior doors of buildings. Drivers will not enter private residences, apartment buildings, townhomes, condominiums, mobile homes, nursing homes, etc. Drivers will not enter businesses, doctors’ buildings, hospitals, retail shops (department or grocery stores, etc.) or office buildings.
  • Drivers are not qualified to render medical aid. It is suggested that a rider with any potentially serious medical condition obtain the consent of a physician prior to using this transportation system.
  • Un-needed or unwanted trips must be cancelled at least two hours before your scheduled pickup time.
  • All ride scheduling, changes and/or modifications must be through the RideKC Freedom Scheduler. Riders may not schedule RideKC Freedom rides through the taxi company.