Driving Job Access

Driving Job Access

RideKC transportation partners and the regional business community are reinventing the wheel by creating innovative, robust ways to connect more people to jobs.

RideKC puts your business in the driver’s seat and builds creative solutions around you by designing services that use multiple modes of transportation, including fixed-route options, vanpool, ride-hailing and other emerging modes. We can even co-brand with your company name!

We’ve joined forces with the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, and Enterprise to provide mobility options that will benefit organizations around the region.

Benefits to Businesses

  • Increased return on investment
  • Greater employee retention
  • Enhanced recruiting efforts
  • Stress-free collaboration

Customized Transportation Plan Development. We can help businesses better understand their transportation needs and potential solutions through employee surveys and analysis of employees’ commute patterns. Contact us about customized transportation plans.

Customized Employee Express Service. We provide roomy 12-passenger, WiFi enabled vans. Contact us about van services or call 1-800-826-4967. 

Transportation Management Association (TMAs). TMAs allow for businesses within concentrated areas to pool their resources towards a solution tailored just for them. Contact MARC

Employer Pass Program. Employers pay at least $5 and RideKC adds a $5 discount, giving employers big savings on their RideKC 31-Day Pass. Contact RideKC or read more.  

Guaranteed Ride Home Program. Employees are guaranteed two free taxi rides home a year, 24/7, in the case of an emergency. You must register for the service in advance. Learn more and help employees register. 

Carpool. There are lots of great reasons to carpool. Employees can save money, help keep the air clean, keep miles off their cars and reduce stress by sharing the ride. Visit or call 816-842-RIDE (816-842-7433).

Vanpool. A vanpool allows larger groups of commuters to ride to and from work on a regular basis in a designated van provided to the group, instead of a personal car. RideKC teams up with Enterprise to provide low-cost, flexible vanpool options. For more information, contact us about van services or call 1-800-826-4967. 

Traditional Bus Service. KCATA will work with businesses and communities to assess the needs of your organization that could lend itself to fixed-route bus service options. Contact RideKC to learn more.

Read about these options in more detail. [PDF]

RideKC’s newer technology options 

These new options make using transit easier than ever. 

RideKC's official app Transit allows riders to plan a trip, track a ride, and pay the fare in one simple to use app. 

The Freedom On-Demand App offers our paratransit riders same day service getting them where they need to go when they need to get there.  Email us to learn more.