Connecting Swope

The Connecting Swope Project will identify ways to improve connections across U.S. 71 Highway to the Prospect MAX line. Building on the needs expressed in past studies, the team will recommend projects and programs that address issues of access, safety, convenience, and comfort in the area. This study is focused on improving travel from Swope Parkway to 85th Street and The Paseo to Cleveland Ave.

The goals of the study are to:

  • Identify barriers and gaps in connectivity for pedestrians, transit riders, and bicyclists;
  • Ensure access to the Prospect MAX bus rapid transit stations; and
  • Improve the safety, comfort, and ease of crossing U.S. 71 Highway.

Prospect Avenue has some of the highest bus ridership in the region and will soon be converted into a bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor - Prospect MAX. U.S. 71 Highway runs a block east of, and parallel to, Prospect Avenue between Swope Parkway and 75th Street. For potential transit users, pedestrians, and bicyclists, there are few opportunities to cross the highway, high vehicle speeds, and wide intersections that all hinder accessibility.

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Pedestrian overpass or underpass