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Code of Conduct

See Something, Text Something

Be Alert, Informed, Involved and Prepared

Your safety and security is a top priority. We have taken steps to ensure the safety and security of our transit system, such as:

  • Installing cameras on buses.
  • Conducting emergency evacuation exercises.
  • Making extra patrols and monitoring the remote video camera system.

In addition, RideKC is involved in the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) TransitWatch program that encourages our customers to be active participants in security matters. While we are working to keep you safe, we ask that you do the same. You are a vital part of our Safety and Security Team, and we rely on you to be our “eyes and ears.” By practicing a few safety measures, such as waiting in well-lit areas, being aware of your surroundings and notifying operators in the event of an emergency, you will be able to help prevent crime. As customers, we want you to remember to be alert, informed, involved and prepared.

In case of an emergency do the following:

  • Notify a KCATA employee, security or call 911.
  • Remain calm.
  • Inform others around you and calmly evacuate the area.
  • Don’t take risks that could harm you or others.

If you have to report an incident, be prepared to give a description of the people involved, location and time the event took place.

Safe Place

Safe Place

It may be on the move, but when you see a KCATA bus with a safe place decal, it’s also a safe place for youths 18 years old and younger who are in danger. Safe Place is a national program for youth and/or families in crisis situations. The program assists young people needing emergency help, hotline counseling and transportation to shelter.

The situation may be difficult, but getting help from a Safe Place is easy. Youths who are in intimidating or dangerous situations need only to board a KCATA bus to request help. The operator will contact KCATA dispatcher who will arrange transportation so that the youth can be picked up by Safe Place staff. KCATA joins more than 7,000 businesses across the country providing youths access to services when they’re experiencing difficult circumstances.