IRIS: On-demand transit in KCMO

IRIS covers the entirety of Kansas City, MO, Gladstone, Riverside, and Liberty.

Download the app: Google Play for Android - Apple Store

Google play app link    App store link

Web trip booking:
Book by phone: 816-205-8221 

IRIS is a new app-based, on-demand service provided by Kansas City, MO., in partnership with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, zTrip, and RideCo. 

Hours of Service: 4 a.m. - 11 p.m., 7 days a week


  • $3 per person per trip within a zone
  • Free fare when connecting to the zone’s designated IRIS transfer point. See map for locations.
  • $4 per person when traveling between Northland Zones
  • Introductory $5 per person when traveling to entertainment districts, such as downtown or Zona Rosa
  • Introductory $10 to/from KCI airport from/to any Northland Zone. This great bargain applies to multiple people in the same trip booking going to the airport. Just $10 per trip booking. A trip may have 1 or more passengers traveling together. IRIS will board and deboard at the RideKC 
  • Pay in the IRIS app or on the booking website, payments are made at the time of booking with a credit or debit card. Customers may also select the offline payment option (cash or credit card) at the time of booking. When you board the vehicle, you will pay in cash or using credit card to the driver. Please have exact change. Driver does not carry change.

What is IRIS? 
IRIS is an app-driven premium service. The service utilizes an on-demand dynamic routing model which picks up and drops off riders in locations within one quarter mile of their request. The service gets residents within a quarter mile of their destination for a minimal fee within a defined zone. Each service zone has designated transit transfer hub. This project is funded and led by the City of Kansas City and is contracting with KCATA. The Transportation Authority manages the on-demand service.

Why are Kansas City and KCATA launching IRIS?
This service provides expanded connectivity for residents to fill in gaps where a bus stop or other transportation service may not be as accessible.

Where is IRIS? 
IRIS is available in the enitre city limits of Kansas City, MO. IRIS is also available within the borders of North Kansas City, Gladstone, Riverside, and Liberty.


Iris app screen

Book A Ride

Mobile App: Download the IRIS app from RideCo in the Google Play store or the App Store. Anyone within the service area boundaries can summon a ride using the mobile app.
Simply enter in your destination address. 
After you’re done booking you’ll see the trip displayed in your upcoming trip list. The app will provide a window during which you’ll be picked up for your trip. You can also use the app to cancel a future ride. 
Keep the app open to stay informed on your ride status. Customers using the app will get a notification when their ride is arriving at their pickup location. In addition, you have the option to get updates about your ride’s location via the IRIS app and sms text notifications.

Phone: 816-205-8221


Your Ride: IRIS vehicles may be a cab or an IRIS only vehicle. Many IRIS vehicles will have distinctive coloring and graphics as seen here. Ztrip cabs serving IRIS customers will have an IRIS or RideKC logo on the side of the vehicle near the back.

IRIS vehicle with purple design

What is IRIS?

IRIS is transit service when you need it. It’s an innovative program designed to provide on-demand transit where people may share a ride with as many as four other people. Like Uber or Lyft service, customers can request a trip through a convenient app and can begin and end a trip anywhere within the zone or connect with regular RideKC bus service to continue their trip. 
It’s not a door-to-door service. IRIS operates in a network of designated stops within the pilot service area. Stops could include existing RideKC stops or other locations set up for IRIS.
An IRIS vehicle will pick up customers at their pickup point and take them to a location in the zone or in another IRIS zone.

The vehicles are operated by zTrip, a local taxi operator; however, they will be branded with IRIS and RideKC.

Fares will be determined on where the trip begins and ends.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, click here. [PDF]