Reduced Fares

Reduced fare programs can save money for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and youths. With a Reduced Farecard or a Medicare Card, qualifying persons can ride all regular service at a reduced fare. Simply show or swipe your Reduced Farecard or Medicare Card and pay the reduced fare. The 31-Day Passes may also be purchased at a reduced rate. Both the Reduced Farecard and the 31-Day Pass must be shown to the driver when boarding.

Medicare Card Holders are not required to have a Reduced Farecard to ride RideKC buses at a reduced rate. However, if you prefer to use a RideKC Reduced Farecard rather than your Medicare Card, simply fill out the appropriate application and attach a copy of your Medicare Card. (Note that State Medicaid does not qualify as Medicare.)

Programs vary slightly throughout the region, so see below for details and application forms.

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
Johnson County
Independence, Mo.
Unified Government Transit

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

Senior Citizens (renew every three years for $1.)

  • Age 65 and older
  • Medicare Card Holders

Youth (renew every year for $1.)

  • Age 12-18 (If you are 18 when you apply, you must still be 18 on Sept. 1 of the year for which the card becomes effective.)

Persons with Disabilities (renew every three years for $1.)

  • Disabilities certifiable with RideKC guidelines
  • Medicare Card Holders
  • Social Security Income (SSI) recipients If a person with a disability is also 65 or older, the Senior Citizen Reduced Farcard should be applied for, not the Persons with Disabilities Fare Card.


Call (816) 221-0660 to request the appropriate application, or download the appropriate application in PDF format. Agencies that serve persons with disabilities may fill out an Application for Certifying Agency Status for their clients.

Reduced Farecard Applications

    Senior Application in English (PDF) - Application in Spanish (PDF)
    Youth - Application in English  (PDF) - Application in Spanish (PDF)
    Persons with Disabilities - Application in English (PDF) - Application in Spanish (PDF)

Submit Materials

Mail or bring the following items to Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, 1200 E. 18th Street Kansas City, MO 64108:

  1.     Completed application
  2.     Proof of eligibility
  3.     $1 cash or money order (no checks accepted)
  4.     Allow 10-14 working days to receive your Reduced Farecard. (No farecards are issued over the counter.)

Replacement Cards: In the event a card gets lost or stolen, a replacement card will cost $5 the first time, $10 the second time and $15 the third time. A fourth replacement card will not be issued. The individual may reapply after the expiration date shown on the front of the card. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to KCATA immediately by calling (816) 346-0265. Mutilated cards should be brought to KCATA's general offices. All parts must be returned for a replacement. The replacement will not count as one of the three allowable replacements. KCATA reserves the right to confiscate a reduced farecard that has been used improperly. Reduced farecards should not be loaned or borrowed. A confiscated card will not be returned or replaced. The individual may reapply after the expiration date shown on the front of the card.

Proof of Eligibility

Please do not mail any original form of identification, only mail a copy.
Senior Citizens and Youth: Provide a copy of your birth certificate, driver's license, or passport.
Persons with Disabilities: Your physician or one of KCATA's certifying agencies must complete the back of the Reduced Farecard application. Or provide a copy of your Medicare Card. SSI recipients must attach an award letter dated within the past two years.

Johnson County 

Riders who qualify must complete the appropriate application OR show bus driver proof of age or disability.

Accepted forms of proof are:

Seniors 65 and older – driver’s license, Medicare card, RideKC reduced farecard or JCT Special Edition ID card - Application
Youth 6-17 – student ID, Medicaid card, RideKC reduced fare card or JCT Special Edition ID card - Application. 5 and under are free.
Disabled – Disabled parking ID, Medicaid card, RideKC reduced farecard or JCT Special Edition ID card - Application

Independence, Mo.

Students: School I.D. required, all ages attending school 
Medicare, Seniors 65 and older, IndeAccess Plus: Identification required for half fare

IndeAccess ID card holders may ride on the Independence, Mo., fixed route system at no charge. Must present ID card to driver. (Only accepted in Independence).

Unified Government Transit

UGT honors reduced farecards issued by KCATA.

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31 Day Reduced Fare Pass