One RideKC Seeks Path to Regional Transit Funding

Date:May 20, 2021
One RideKC Seeks Path to Regional Transit Funding

RideKC is starting a new initiative to build consensus and social equity in a comprehensive regional transit and funding plan called One RideKC.

The One RideKC plan will bring together regional community members to establish a vision and financing plan for the future of mobility in the Kansas City region. The hope is to improve access to transit and positively impact the lives of people in multiple jurisdictions by increasing connectivity between regional communities. Transit is key to RideKC’s four core pillars of access: jobs, housing, healthcare and education on a foundation of social equity.

“It’s been proven that without dedicated funding for transit on a regional level, access to jobs, education, healthcare, and housing will be in jeopardy for our most vulnerable citizens,” said Robbie Makinen, KCATA CEO. “One RideKC is the next step forward to securing social equity in transit options in the city and the suburbs, truly creating access for those who need it most.”

One RideKC aims to leverage previous work, stitching together existing efforts and projects, and incorporating new ideas and innovations to develop an integrated regional plan and financing strategy to achieve new multi-modal connectivity.

“The business community knows how important transportation is to support today’s workforce and grow the workforce of tomorrow,” said Joe Reardon, President & CEO of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. “Transportation is one of the KC Chamber’s strategic priorities. Whether it’s through buses, rail, rideshare services or other means of transportation, robust transit connects people to available jobs and keeps our economy moving forward.”

This week marks the kickoff of One RideKC, beginning with the first Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday, May 20. This is one of three committees made up of stakeholders, whose input will be the basis for the final One RideKC plan.

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will provide thought-leadership insight to the overall process.

The Financial Task Force will review funding strategies, testing financial assumptions and validation of the financial model.

The Citizens Advisory Committee will ensure voices from the community are heard.

Each committee will meet twice over the summer to assist in the development of a proposed plan and funding strategy with a specific focus. As this phase is completed, RideKC will conduct more robust public engagement starting in the late Fall of 2021 and into 2022.

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