Reduced Service for Several Weekday, Weekend Routes

Date:April 07, 2020
Effective:Apr 12, 2020

Modified service begins April 12

RideKC will be temporarily reducing service starting April 12, due to lower ridership and safety precautions due to COVID-19. By taking this step, we hope to be able to recover from the effects of this pandemic when the public health crisis passes. Starting Sunday, April 12, RideKC temporarily will change schedules in several communities, including KCMO and Johnson County.

On weekdays, many routes will begin using modified service; most routes in KCMO and KCK will use Saturday service that ends by 9 p.m. In Johnson County, generally, routes with buses operating every 30 minutes will be reduced to hourly service and the number of express trips will be reduced, effective Monday, April 13. See more details in the rider bulletin: Johnson County Service Reductions Due to Stay-at-Home Order.  

We will provide service that is safe for riders and operators; allows essential workers to get to work; and allows us to make the best use of our limited staffing and financial resources.

The Kansas City region is currently under a Stay-At-Home Order. Limiting public transit trips to only those necessary to access food, medicine and essential employment is an important part of public health efforts. All other trips should be avoided.

By matching service to the needs of Kansas City, we hope to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and position RideKC transit to recover quickly when the Stay-At-Home order is lifted and when the health crisis ends.

At this time, there are no changes to Independence, Mo., routes or Unified Government Transit routes. In March, 510 K-10 Connector switched to the Break Schedule. KC Streetcar continues to operate on a modified schedule.

Links to temporary schedules will be posted below as soon as they are available. RideKC’s mobile apps and website schedules will be updated to reflect the new service.

The Guaranteed Emergency Ride Home remains in place and is available on weekdays. Sign up now

For further information, contact the Regional Call Center at 816-221-0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Modified Schedules, effective Sunday, April 12 

Only modified schedules are linked to below. If weekend service does not change, the route will use the existing schedule in Maps & Schedules

Main MAX: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

Troost MAX: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

Prospect MAX: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

9 9th Street: Weekday

10 Woodland-Brooklyn: No Service 

11 Northeast-Westside: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday
11 will travel to KU Med seven days a week.

12 12th Street: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

15 Truman Rd.: Weekday 

16 Truman Rd Limited: No service

18 Indiana: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

21 Cleveland-Antioch: Weekday

23 23rd Street: No service

24 Independence: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

27 27th Street: Weekday - Saturday

28 Blue Ridge: Weekday

29 Blue Ridge Limited: No service

31 31st Street: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

35 35th Street: Weekday

39 39th Street: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 

47 Broadway: Weekday - Saturday

51 Ward Parkway: No service

52 Ward Parkway Limited: No service

55 Universities-Crossroads: No service

57 Wornall: Weekday

63 63rd Street: Weekday

71 Prospect: No service

75 75th Street: Weekday

77 Casino Cruiser: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

85 Paseo: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

99 South Kansas City Flex: Weekday - Saturday

101 State Ave.: Weekday
101 will continue to offer 30 minute service to Providence Medical Center on weekdays, but will end at 9 PM.

104 Argentine: Weekday - Saturday

106 Quindaro-Amazon: Weekday - Saturday

107 7th Street-Parallel: Weekday - Saturday

201 North Oak: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 

229 KCI-Boardwalk: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

231 Riverside-Antioch: No service

233 Vivion-Antioch: No service

234 Boardwalk-Antioch: No service

235 Winnwood-Gracemor: No service

236 East Gladstone: No service

237 West Gladstone: No service

238 Meadowbrook: Weekday

297 Tiffany Springs Flex: No Service

298 NKC Flex: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday

299 Gladstone Flex: No changes

340 TMC-Lakewood: No Service

399 Raytown Flex: No changes

401 Metcalf-Plaza: See Johnson County bulletin.

402 Johnson-Quivira: No changes. See Johnson County bulletin.

403 Antioch-Olathe: See Johnson County bulletin.

404 Metcalf-Downtown: See Johnson County bulletin.

435 JoCo-Downtown Midday: No changes. See Johnson County bulletin.

475 Quivira-75th Street: See Johnson County bulletin.

482 Overland Park Flex: See Johnson County bulletin.

495 95th Street: See Johnson County bulletin.

529 KCI-Express Limited: Weekday
One morning trip, one afternoon trip.

510 K-10 Connector: Continues using "Break" schedule. 

519 Olathe Express: See Johnson County bulletin.

535 Shoal Creek-Liberty Express: Weekday 
Morning trips: one southbound and one northbound. Afternoon trips: one northbound and one southbound. 

550 Lee's Summit Express: Weekday 
Two morning trips, two afternoon trips.

563 Shawnee Express: No change. See Johnson County bulletin.

569 South OP Express: See Johnson County bulletin.

570 Blue Springs Express: Weekday 
One morning trip, one afternoon trip.

571 71 Hwy Express: Weekday 
Two morning trips, two afternoon trips.

595 Gardner-OP Express: See Johnson County bulletin.

Use RideKC for essential travel only.