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RideKC Next

The RideKC Next project is a comprehensive review and redesign of transit service focused on Kansas City, Mo. (KCMO), conducted by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) as part of our mission to connect people with opportunities.

What goals should public transit serve, and how do they impact the network redesign?

For this transit redesign to be successful, we need to understand which goals matter the most to you. Let us know which goals matter to you:

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Step 1: Review of Existing Transit Services and Initial Public Outreach (Spring 2019)

RideKC Next is reviewing the purpose and performance of all existing transit services in KCMO. This includes:

  • an analysis of transit operations,
  • consideration of new mobility options,
  • identification of key choices, and
  • public engagement and outreach, including the online survey.

Information gathered throughout the process will guide the design of an updated transit service and network plan that more accurately reflects the values of Kansas City, Mo. communities.

  • Read what we’ve learned so far in the Choices Report Summary [PDF, 3 MB] or the Full Choices Report, coming soon

Steps 2 and 3: Draft and Final Plan (Summer and Fall 2019)

Based on what we hear now, we will prepare a Draft Plan this summer.

We’ll be presenting the Draft Plan for public feedback in the fall, and that feedback will be taken into consideration when crafting the Final Plan. The Final Plan will include meaningful improvements to the transit system that can be made in the next two years.

Take the RideKC Next survey      Completa la Encuesta en espanol
Take the Transit Choices Survey - Completa la Encuesta en Español.

We want to hear from you! This is the first survey in the RideKC Next project. Your feedback will help the KCATA understand what is important to communities regarding transit services.

The survey asks questions that help us understand your transit service preferences. There are no right or wrong answers; responses will be based on your personal values. The survey will be open until July 31, 2019.

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