Rider Profile: Charles Everson

Date:June 24, 2019
Rider Profile: Charles Everson

The Rev. Charles Everson
Anti-Money Laundering Officer at Academy Bank and Priest-in-Charge at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

What’s your story?
I studied religion at a Southern Baptist college and was ordained in that tradition but didn’t pursue a full-time ministry at that time. A decade later, a local seminary opened up in Topeka for people with full-time jobs. It was an opportunity to continue the ministry I was called to in the beginning, but now at a different stage in life.

I love serving people and doing what I can to help folks grow in their faith and to serve the community for the sake of other people.

I’ve also been in banking for 14 years, starting as a teller and moving up into compliance. At Academy Bank, we have a department of eight that handles the bank’s anti-money laundering program. I really enjoy working at Academy Bank and find my work to be deeply rewarding.

How do you spend your free time on board RideKC?
I am often praying, actually, but because I use an iPad, it looks like I’m just reading the news. Other times, I will listen to NPR or a podcast.

What do you wish everyone knew about RideKC?
When I started working downtown, it just made sense to ride the Troost MAX to work. I wish more people knew that we have excellent public transit in Kansas City! Riding the bus is inexpensive, it’s reliable, it’s clean, and I haven’t had any safety issues.

What are you looking forward to in RideKC’s future?
The extension of the streetcar to UMKC.

Rev. Charles Everson at a MAX station

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