Downtowners learn the latest about Prospect MAX

Date:April 05, 2018
Downtowners learn the latest about Prospect MAX

Last month, RideKC hosted an open house for customers, downtown residents, business owners and stakeholders, focused on improvements coming to downtown as part of the Prospect MAX project. Watch the video to see where we’re headed in downtown and along Prospect.

At the open house, people were able to look at our concepts and ask questions. For those not able to attend the meeting or those still thinking about what they learned at the meeting, materials are provided below.

Click on an image to see a PDF with detailed information and images.

MAX Service: What is it?
An explanation of how MAX bus rapid transit is different from regular RideKC bus service.
What is MAX

Prospect MAX funding and schedule
The project budget is $55.8 million, and service is projected to begin October 2019.
Funding and construction schedule

Where is transit concentrated in downtown?
Bus service is concentrated on Grand Ave. and 11th and 12th streets in downtown.
Concentration of transit service

New station design
The new Prospect MAX stations will be designed for speedy boarding and will feature state-of-the-art technology. Level boarding at the stations, similar to the streetcar stations, will put the curb even with the floor of the bus. That means safer, faster boarding for everyone, especially people using wheelchairs or walkers. The technology will also include smart kiosks, WiFi, and ticket vending machines at many stations.
Station Design

Station designs
Barney Allis Plaza and 11th at Oak
Barney Allis station

Petticoat and Main, 12th and Main
Petticoat and Main, 12th Street station

11th and Grand
11th and Grand station

12th and Grand
12th and Grand

East Village Transit Center
A mobility hub will be built at 12th and Charlotte. Key features of the hub are a covered passenger pavilion, pass sales and ticket vending machine, security presence, bike parking and bike share, and real-time arrival information.
East Village 
East Village plan

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