Temporary Detours, updated Oct. 7

Date:October 05, 2021
Effective:Mar 22, 2021

Temporary Detours

402 Johnson-Quivira and 475 Quivira-75th Street, Oct. 11-15
Buses will go south on Quivira, west on 83rd St., south on Pflumm Rd., east on 87th St., south on Quivira to resume regular route. Buses will miss the stop at Monrovia and  Quivira. Passengers can catch bus on Quivira before 83rd street or on 87th before Quivira.

Johnson County Routes 403, 404, 435, 519, 563, 569, 595
Southbound buses from downtown KCMO will travel the regular route west on Pershing, go north on Broadway to Truman, go west onto I-35 entrance ramp, and south on I-35 to resume the regular route. This reroute will continue until further notice due to construction on Southwest Blvd. and the closure of 16th street.

10th Street affecting Johnson County Routes 403, 404, 435, 519, 563, 569, 595 through Sept. 23
Johnson County buses in downtown are detoured from 10th Street starting Sept. 21, missing stops from Wyandotte to Oak: Main, Walnut, Grand and Oak. 10th Street may be closed all day. From Wyandotte, buses will go east on 8th, and south on Oak St. to resume the regular route.

201 North Oak at Crown Center, effective immediately 
201 North Oak will travel the regular route to 26th St., go east on 26th, south on Warwick. The bus will lay over Warwick. Northbound buses will continue south on Warwick, go west on 27th, north on Grand to resume the regular route. 

Troost MAX, effective July 10 until further notice
Southbound Troost MAX will use Oak between 18th and 22nd, and then resume regular route at 22nd and Charlotte. Northbound buses will use Oak between 22nd and 18th, and return to the regular route at 18th & Holmes. 

31 31st Street, effective April 8 until further notice
The bus will travel on Linwood between Gillham and Main. Customers are asked to board on Linwood at main on the west side of the street.

107 7th Street-Parallel, effective March 22 
Northbound 107 will travel the regular route to 7th and Metropolitan, west on Metropolitan, north on 12th, east on Cheyenne to resume the regular route at 7th Street. 

229 Boardwalk-KCI, effective Feb. 9
Northbound 229 buses will use the roundabout at Chatham and Prairie View Rd., and keep straight across 64th to resume regular route. Southbound buses will travel the reverse route.

47 47 Broadway, effective March 22
Northbound 47 Broadway will travel the regular route to Kessler, go south on Kessler to Wyandotte, east on 31st, north on Main and north on Grand to resume the regular route. 

107 7th Street-Parallel, effective Dec. 6
107 northbound buses
will go north on 7th Street Trafficway, west on Metropolitan, north on S. 12th St. east on Osage Ave., and north on 7th Street Trafficway.

For help planning a trip, contact the Regional Call Center at 816-221-0660, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.