499 Johnson County Micro Transit Expands in July

Date:June 03, 2022
Effective:Jul 05, 2022

Micro Transit to run Sundays, travel to Edgerton, Gardner, Plaza

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RideKC Micro Transit and routes in Johnson County, Kan., will change this year as part of several pilot programs to improve public transportation.

Starting July 5, 499 Micro Transit will increase the service area and add Sunday service. There will be an adjustment of fares for Micro Transit. Other changes include improvements to commuter express routes in May. Also this year, fixed route improvements will include increased mid-day service levels, a new route on the 87th Street, and the addition of Saturday service for four existing routes, and new complementary paratransit service in support of vulnerable populations.

These changes will improve the quality and level of service of transit in the county and make public transportation in Johnson County a more viable mode of travel for residents by offering more frequent, reliable service.

Micro Transit Expands Zone, Adds Sunday Service

Starting Tuesday, July 5, 499 Johnson County Micro Transit will expand its service area and add Sunday service. The service will have multiple zones, with different fares depending on the zones. 499 Johnson County Micro Transit will operate Sunday through Saturday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The fare for Micro Transit will be $3 or $5, depending on the distance traveled.

A new app will be used starting July 5. Directions and links to download the app are posted near the top of this page. 

499 Micro Transit will include the area from State Line Road on the east, County Line Road on the north, 151st on the south. Renner Road will be the western boundary from County Line Rd. to College Blvd. South of College, the zone will include K-7, and south of 135th the route will be expanded along I-35, and will include the Edgerton Intermodal Area. The Plaza and Ward Parkway Shopping Center will also be added to the Micro Transit service area.

The fare will be determined by how far a customer travels. The fare will be $3 if the trip is in one zone. The fare will be $5 if the trip travels in both the north and south zones. The fare will be $5 if the trip includes Missouri destinations: The Plaza, 75th and Wornall, and Ward Parkway Center. The North Zone will include County Line Rd. to 95th. The Central Zone will include 95th to 135th. The South Zone will include 135th to Edgerton.

Micro Transit is a shared ride service. Some trips are not a direct path between the starting point and destination. Wait times will also vary depending on the demand. Micro Transit will continue to provide curb-to-curb service. In some large destinations, such as apartment complexes, shopping centers, hospital and office complexes, designated drop-off and pickup locations will be established.

New Micro Transit Zone, July 5

Map of 499 Micro Transit zone, effective July 5
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Public Comment Period

The public comment period has ended and the survey form is no longer available. However, if you have questions you can leave a message for the Planning Department by calling 816-346-0300 or by emailing

For route and schedule information, visit any time or call the RideKC Regional Call Center at 816-221-0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. We offer translation assistance for trip information in more than 50 languages.

El Centro de Llamadas Regional de RideKC brinda asistencia con la traducción al 816-221-0660, de lunes a viernes de 6 a.m. a 6 p.m. Lo conectaremos con un intérprete que puede traducir la información del viaje en más de 50 idiomas. 

Micro Transit Vehicle

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