Upgrades planned for 12th & Grand transit stop

Date:February 02, 2017
Upgrades planned for 12th & Grand transit stop

Design work for an improved transit station at Grand Boulevard and 12th Street is underway with a goal of easing passenger and pedestrian congestion near the stop.

RideKC plans to widen the sidewalks at the southeast corner of 12th and Grand and upgrade the shelters. The bus stop is one of the busiest in the city with more than 30 routes used by about 2,200 people each day.

The remodeled stop would be the first along RideKC’s developing transit emphasis corridors where downtown bus service would be concentrated on Grand Boulevard as well as 11th and 12th Streets so routes are easier to find.

The stop enhancements will make it easier for our riders to board buses at 12th and Grand while providing more room for pedestrians to maneuver. The upgrades also will improve access for anyone with a disability.

Preliminary design work calls for widening the sidewalks by about 14 feet on 12th Street and by about 12 feet on Grand. A second bus shelter is planned for the northbound side of Grand Boulevard.

The area may be spruced up with trees and shrubbery. A digital kiosk similar to ones along the streetcar route may be added as well. The digital kiosks at streetcar stops provide information about transit schedules as well as information about theater, arts and sporting events.

The city has agreed to let KCATA use a portion of one of its parking lots for the stop improvements. Construction of the new stop is not expected to begin until later this year.

A look at how the 12th & Grand transit stop could appear after it's upgraded.
Above is how 12th & Grand might look when it's upgraded.

Here's the 12th & Grand strop today.
Above is how the 12th & Grand stop appears today.