Rider Spotlight: Necole Williams

Date:October 07, 2020
Rider Spotlight: Necole Williams

Necole Williams has been riding the bus since she was in 8th grade. After 13 years, she can still remember her first driver’s name.

“Her name was Mrs. Terri, but she passed away,” said Williams. “I’ve always had good relationships with the operators." She says one of the operators drove her school bus and the City bus she rode.

"You get to know them because you ride everyday to get where you need to go,” said Williams.

Williams says her dad taught her how to ride back before the routes were available on a cell phone or trip planning tools were available.

“The first time I rode the bus, my dad let me go by myself to see if I could get to my destination,” she said. “After that, I rode everyday so I learned basically every route from Kansas to Missouri.”

Williams says it's important that she teach her kids the same lessons her dad taught her.

“I want them to learn how to ride in case I can’t drop them off,” she said.

Williams says she appreciates the transit system because it allowed her to get back and forth to school for her nursing career. She now has a job at a local hospital. “Without the bus, I wouldn’t have been able to better myself and create a good future for my kids.”

RideKC user Necole Williams