RideKC Thanks Local Bus Hero

Date:January 31, 2017
RideKC Thanks Local Bus Hero

Rodney Goldman has been called a Good Samaritan, a guardian angel and transit hero for stepping up to stop an attack on a RideKC bus operator early Saturday morning. Now, the bus operator who was attacked is calling Rodney “friend.”

Early Saturday morning, a RideKC bus operator was assaulted while on her route. The operator was grabbed around the head and shoulders by a man on the bus. Passenger Rodney Goldman was one of three bystanders. Goldman, who has disabilities and uses a cane to walk, stepped forward and began striking the assailant with his cane. The operator was able to break free, and Goldman was able to subdue the assailant, who was arrested after the incident. In the process of defending the bus driver, Goldman’s wooden cane broke.

RideKC wanted to get in touch with the man who selflessly protected our employee. We were able to meet up with Rodney Goldman on Monday afternoon to convey our thanks, and to replace his cane. The operator became tearful as she described her fear during the attack and her appreciation for Rodney.

See a Kansas City Star video about the Rodney

Rodney explained that he couldn't stand by when he saw the attack.

“If that had been my mother or sister, I’d have wanted somebody to look out for them,” said Rodney Goldman.

There has been an outpouring of support for Rodney, with appreciation and offers of gift coming from across the United States and across the globe.

Rodney received two new canes from Doctors Equipment Company at 6021 Troost. The family-owned business was proud to give Rodney a wooden cane and adjustable metal cane. RideKC gave Rodney a lifetime transit pass, a RideKC hat and jacket, and other small gifts.

“Rodney also has our deep and sincere thanks, not only for protecting one of our own, but also for reminding us that there are everyday heroes among us,” said KCATA President and CEO Robbie Makinen.


Goldman tries out his new cane.
Rodney (center) tries out his new metal cane. Doctors Medical Equipment gave Rodney two new canes. 

Goldman dons a RideKC cap
Rodney received gifts from RideKC, including a lifetime pass and a RideKC hat.

Group photo
Rodney (bottom center) poses with CEO Robbie Makinen, the bus operator and her brother (right to left), and Chris White (back) of Doctors Medical Equipment.