RideKC introduces new downtown scavenger hunt

Date:November 20, 2017
RideKC introduces new downtown scavenger hunt

With the introduction of a new route on Main MAX, we’re excited to tell you about our latest new scavenger hunt that we’ve cooked up for everyone.

Our new hunt takes riders along the new MAX route from Crown Center to Third and Grand in the River Market in search of clues at a variety of landmarks. The latest scavenger hunt is a follow up to one we produced earlier this year.

It’s a great way to spend time with the kids during the holiday break at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Click here to download it.

Come learn a little about the city’s history while enjoying our updated MAX route, which is straighter and faster than ever before through downtown.

Before boarding the MAX near Crown Center, scour Washington Square Park for clues about our city, whether it’s the date for dedicating the Missouri Korean War Veterans Memorial or learning how many railroad tracks run under the Grand Bridge. Then stop down at the River Market to learn what mayor of Kansas City took office in 1855.

It’s informative. It’s fun. And it’s a great way to use public transportation to learn some little-known facts about our great city.

Some come along with us on our latest adventure. Catch the MAX with your family and friends and spend a day hunting down trivia about your city.  You can find the answers here but don't give up too fast.

Give it a try. You’ll have a great time. Perhaps you’ll learn something, too.