RideKC Bus to the Streetcar

Date:May 05, 2016
RideKC Bus to the Streetcar

East. West. North. South.

Kansas or Missouri.

Johnson County or Jackson County.

Wherever you are in the Kansas City area, buses are your ticket to ride the new downtown streetcar.

Experience what it’s like to live in an area with a seamless regional transit system. Ride the bus downtown where you can link up with the hottest thing in local transit, the new streetcar.

Dozens of bus routes from across the area converge in downtown Kansas City. But there are some popular routes that will make the connection to the streetcar easier. Thinking about going downtown to try out the new 2.2-mile streetcar route? Bus fares are free on Friday, May 6, the day the streetcar opens for business. And here are some popular routes for reaching the streetcar:

  • Main MAX: Drops riders coming from Waldo, Brookside and the Country Club Plaza. Connect to the Streetcar at Crown Center and enjoy a quick, easy walk across Washington Square Park. Or, connect to Streetcar at City Market. 
  • Troost MAX: Riders disembark at 11th & Main, one block north of the streetcar.
  • 24 Independence: Bus riders exiting at 10th & Main can reach the nearest streetcar stop at 9th & Main.
  • 71 Prospect: Brings riders from Kansas City’s east side to the 10th & Main Transit Center, just south of the streetcar stop at 9th & Main.
  • Johnson County: On weekdays, many routes stop near the streetcar line at Union Station and 10th & Main, including 403 Antioch/Downtown, 404 Metcalf/Downtown, 519 Olathe Express, 563 Gardner-OP Express, 569 South OP Express and 678-Shawnee Express.
  • 101 State Avenue: Lets riders from Kansas City, Kan., disembark at the 10th & Main Transit Center, just south of the streetcar stop at 9th & Main.
  • 103 Fairfax: Bus riders connect to the streetcar at 3rd & Grand from the Fairfax district and downtown Kansas City, Kan.
  • 201 North Oak: Northland bus riders can reach the streetcar route at its northern most stop at 3rd & Grand.

The bus stops for these routes are subject to detour the two days of the streetcar celebration, or during other special events. Check for details.