Queer Eye Catches RideKC

Date:March 15, 2019
Queer Eye Catches RideKC

Cast of Netflix show rides MAX in Season 3

Fans of the Netflix series Queer Eye have been waiting for the newest season to air on March 15.  No where is more excited to binge watch the new episodes than Kansas City, since the episodes were filmed in and around the area last year.

RideKC was able to play a part in the show, helping to surprise one of the heroes who rides the bus.

In the episode Sloth to Slay, hero and transit rider Thomas is nominated by his older sister for a makeover to help him come out of his shell. Skip ahead to episode 7 to see the transformation.

Each episode typically opens with the cast of Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Karamo and Tan in an SUV reading a dossier on the hero who will receive the makeover. But in a smart twist, Sloth to Slay begins in a RideKC bus, as the crew rolls to surprise Thomas.  By swapping their SUV for a MAX ride, the Fab 5 (as the cast is often collectively called) were able to have a lot of fun with the show’s opening and set-up.

The individual cast members on Queer Eye each have a specialty: Antoni Porowski with food, Bobby Berk with interior design, Jonathan Van Ness with grooming, Karamo Brown with culture, and Tan France with fashion.

95th and Troost bus stop

Thomas gets the full Queer Eye treatment to go from Sloth to Slay in time for a birthday party.  No spoilers, but this episode includes locations around south Kansas City and in the Northland.

Part of the fun of Queer Eye’s Season 3 will be the chance for Kansas City viewers of the show to recognize many of the locations. Tell us your favorite scenes from Season 3 and RideKC destinations. Use the hashtags #QueerEyeRideKC and #FilmInKC on Twitter and Instagram.

Bobby Berk of Queer Eye and hero Thomas