New Benches and Shelters the Result of Bus Stop Optimization

Date:March 24, 2016
New Benches and Shelters the Result of Bus Stop Optimization

Starting several months ago, KCATA examined hundreds of bus stops looking for ways to provide a swifter, safer and smoother bus ride. Part of that assessment was identifying locations where ridership demanded new benches and shelters or where existing facilities could be improved. Additionally, staff looked at stops to see if they were accessible for riders with disabilities.

The work will lead to upgraded bus stops and shelters at locations with the highest need.  Dozens of benches have been added. And changes have been made to about 80 stops so riders with disabilities can more easily board the bus.

Many more improvements - whether they are new benches or more accessible stops - are planned throughout the system as the two-year process for assessing transit stops unfolds.

Here’s a look at where benches have been added so far, along with the routes that serve those stops:

  • 11th at Lydia, westbound: 12-12th Street, 109-9th Street, 110-Woodland-Brooklyn
  • 35th Street at Indiana, westbound: 35-35th Street
  • 35th Street at Prospect, westbound: 35-35th Street
  • Independence Ave. at Benton, eastbound: 24-Independence
  • Independence Ave. at Monroe, eastbound : 24-Independence
  • Independence Ave. at Monroe, westbound: 24-Independence
  • Independence Ave. at Olive, westbound: 24-Independence
  • Indiana at 27th, southbound: 108-Indiana
  • Cleveland at 67th, northbound: 108-Indiana, 121-Cleveland-Antioch
  • Independence Ave. at Virginia, westbound: 24-Independence
  • Indiana at 39th Street, southbound: 108-Indiana
  • Truman at Woodland, westbound: 15-Truman, 71-Prospect
  • 39th Street at Brooklyn, eastbound: 39-39th Street
  • Armour at Tracy, eastbound: 35-35th Street, 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Woodland at Independence Ave., southbound: 30-Northeast
  • Woodland at Independence Ave., northbound: 30-Northeast
  • 39th Street at Broadway, eastbound (added second bench): 39-39th Street
  • 39th Street at Indiana, westbound: 39-39th Street
  • Paseo at Cleaver, southbound: 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Paseo at 55th, southbound: 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Paseo at 57th, northbound: 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Paseo at 51st, northbound: 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Paseo at 49th, northbound: 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Paseo at 45th, northbound: 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Paseo at 43rd, northbound: 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Paseo at 37th, northbound: 54-Armour-Paseo
  • Pershing at Grand, eastbound: 27-27th Street, 123-23rd Street
  • 51st at Holmes, eastbound: 155-55th Street

Additionally, bus shelters have been added at two locations:

  • Prospect at 55th, southbound: 55-55th Street, 71-Prospect
  • 39th at Brooklyn, westbound: 39-39th Street