Jackson County, KCATA Team up to Promote Parks

Date:June 22, 2016
Jackson County, KCATA Team up to Promote Parks

Watch a video of the event. 

KCATA teamed up with Jackson County for Bringing Kansas City to Jackson County Parks. This is a summer event to bring children from around the Kansas City area to different park beaches for a fun activity.

KCATA is excited to be providing the transportation for these events and for this new adventure with Jackson County. The first Bringing Kansas City to Jackson County Parks took place June 21 at Longview Lake Beach. KCATA transported 40 children from Whatsoever Community Center to Longview Beach.

Robbie Makinen, KCATA President and CEO, Frank White, Jr., Jackson County Executive and Charlie Gaseich, Whatsoever Executive Director, were at Longview Lake to interact with the children.

Jackson County is working with Whatsoever and other community groups to take children to these parks. The admission is free for the participating children. There are two future trips planned this summer.

 “You can see these kids in the water, having a great time, that’s going to be a life-long experience for them,” said County Executive Frank White Jr. “They are going to tell their parents.  We just want to expose citizens to as much of Jackson County amenities as possible.”

KCATA is assisting Jackson County with additional opportunities to bring residents in the urban core to Jackson County parks. 

Photos of the first "Bringing Kansas City to Jackson County Parks"