Election results bring good news for transit riders

Date:April 12, 2017
Election results bring good news for transit riders

Last week, Kansas City voters stepped up to support infrastructure projects, approving a package of significant General Obligation (GO) Bonds. These repairs and upgrades will have a significant impact on transit in Kansas City, Mo. Voters also approved a sales tax increase for economic development in the urban core.

Included in the measures is Kansas City’s local funding for Prospect MAX. The $54 million bus rapid transit line is being financed through a mix of federal and local funds. 

The GO Bonds also include significant funding for sidewalks and put a priority on making public buildings meet the standards set by federal Americans with Disabilities Act. As our riders know, safe, accessible sidewalks are a vital part of the public transportation network that gets people to jobs, schools and shopping.

Former Transportation Secretary Fox looks at sidewalk conditions on Prospect
Former U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx reviews some of the worst sidewalk conditions along Prospect Avenue in 2014. 

Citizens demonstrated that they are willing to invest in public resources that connect people to opportunities, and improve the safety and well-being of the community.

Thank you, Kansas City!

Proposed Prospect MAX station
Prospect MAX station as envisioned at 12th and Grand.