Several RideKC Bus Routes Change In July

Date:June 27, 2017

(Kansas City, Mo. – June 27, 2017) On Sunday, July 2, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) rolls out several changes designed to improve overall service efficiency.

KCATA held meetings about the changes in the spring to answer questions and hear from customers about the changes. Detailed maps and schedules are available online.            

Changes to service

55 55th Street will be merged with 40 Crossroads to create 55 Universities-Crossroads. The route will connect several key destinations, including UMKC, the Plaza, Westport, Crossroads and River Market.

110 Woodland-Brooklyn will travel on Woodland between 18th and 22nd streets to provide service to Lincoln College Preparatory Academy. 110 will end at 39th and Prospect instead of 44th and Brooklyn. The route will be renumbered to 10 Woodland-Brooklyn.

142 North Oak will end at Boardwalk Square; the route will no longer travel to Zona Rosa. Weekday route frequency during the morning and afternoon rush hour will be changed from 20-minute service to 30-minute service. The route will also be renumbered to 201 North Oak.

Route eliminations due to low ridership

32 Linwood Link is being eliminated due to low ridership. The route offered weekday, midday service on Linwood. Customers can use 31 31st Street, one block south of Linwood. 31 offers service 7 days a week.

230 Tiffany Springs West, 231 Tiffany Springs East and 239 Tiffany Springs Link will be eliminated due to low ridership. 239 was a pilot route that began service last year.

132 Gracemor will be eliminated due to low ridership. 135 Winnwood-69 Hwy will add service to the Gracemor neighborhood, and will be renumbered to 235. 77 Casino Cruiser will serve North Brighton between 210 Hwy and Northeast Parvin Road to replace 132 service.

Other RideKC changes

Several routes are affected by a change in how frequent the route runs on weekends; an elimination of a handful of early morning or late night trips; or a change in the endpoint of the route. These routes include 9 9th Street, 12 12th Street, 15 Truman Road, 27 27th Street, 39 39th Street, 57 Wornall, 71 Prospect and 85 Paseo.

Additionally, Main Street MAX times on Saturdays and Sundays will change to help keep buses on schedule.