Revised Layover Policy Effective Immediately

Date:November 25, 2019
Effective:Nov 21, 2019

This passenger bulletin provides updated instructions for the Layover Policy on exiting and re-boarding RideKC buses. This is the only policy in effect until further notice.

RideKC requires passengers to exit the bus at the layover.

  • Passengers who need to continue their travel on the same bus must exit, then re-board the bus when it returns to service.
  • Passengers with a valid transfer or bus pass will not be required to pay an additional fare.
  • Passengers boarding the bus for the first time must pay the required fare or show
  • a valid pass.
  • Passengers are asked to re-board buses as quickly as possible.

Exceptions include:

  • Immediate severe or inclement weather threatens passenger health or safety. (Bus operators will be notified when to suspend Layover Policy procedures, based on
  • weather conditions).
  • If a passenger requests law enforcement or emergency medical service.
  • If a passenger in danger requests SafePlace access to the bus. (The bus operator will follow the required SafePlace notification procedures. SafePlace applies to passengers 18 years of age or under).

Thank you for your cooperation as RideKC continues efforts to improve safety for passengers and bus operators. For further information, contact the Regional Call Center at (816) 221-0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. RideKC logo on bus with partly cloudy sky in the background