RideKC Seeks Input On New Johnson County Service

Date:February 23, 2022

RideKC routes in Johnson County, Kan., will change this year as part of several pilot programs to improve public transportation. RideKC is looking for customer comments on the proposed changes. RideKC has provided an online survey for customers to submit their comments about the changes on our website, Customers can also submit comments and questions by phone at 816-346-0300 or by email at

Starting in April, improvements will be made to commuter express routes. Micro Transit will expand in Spring 2022. In July 2022, local routes and paratransit will change.

The changes will include:

Streamlined commuter express service to prioritize the use of park and rides, reduced travel time and a new express route (April 2022)

Micro Transit expansion will use multiple zones and Sunday service. There will be an adjustment of fares for Micro Transit. (Spring 2022)

Fixed route improvements will include increased mid-day service levels, a new route on the 87th Street, and the addition of Saturday service for four existing routes. (July 2022)

New complimentary paratransit service in support of vulnerable populations. (July 2022)

These changes will improve the quality and level of service of transit in the county and make public transportation in Johnson County a more viable mode of travel for residents by offering more frequent, reliable service.

Final maps and schedules will be available at in March. Draft maps are available online now.