KC Streetcar Authority Board Approves Brand Identity

Date:August 28, 2014

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority revealed the name and branding for the new downtown streetcar line, selecting a classic look and feel that is immediately recognizable and achieves world class standards for transit branding.

Streetcar Authority board members approved the branding package during its monthly public meeting on Thursday, August 28, 2014.

“The name, ‘KC Streetcar’, is simple, intuitive and universal, giving Kansas City a place among the best transit systems in the world,” said Streetcar Authority Board Chairman Tom Trabon.

Following an intensive research and design exploration process, Willoughby Design, Inc. presented the final recommendation for the streetcar identity, including the name, KC Streetcar, an original brand icon, word mark, favicon, design system and color palette.

The brand gives the recognizable international streetcar icon a uniquely Kansas City twist with an open, friendly feel. It also gives a nod to the sleek, modern look of the streetcar vehicles Kansas City has ordered.

The streetcar brand identity is also designed to seamlessly integrate with proposed regional branding that will soon unify all transportation in the Kansas City Area under one umbrella. Under the regional branding, the name “KC Streetcar” pairs with the regional name, “Ride KC” to become: “Ride KC Streetcar”.

“This branding and name allows us to move forward with regional collaboration, while also keeping the focus on the downtown streetcar line as a catalyst for economic development and improved linkage of downtown neighborhoods and job centers,” said Tom Gerend, KCSA Executive Director.

The approach for the streetcar name and identity was inspired by a global audit of regional transit and streetcar identity best practices, notably the Utah Transit Authority, RATP in Paris, Transport for London and GVB in Amsterdam. Willoughby described each of these system identities as “simple, functional, universal, intuitive and cohesive.”

Willoughby also presented test applications of the KC Streetcar’s core brand identity to the current website, collateral, social media, web banners, way-finding signage, conceptual promotional campaigns and the vehicle design.

The interior color palette, cobalt blue and silver, and the exterior color palette, pearl, silver and graphite, were approved by the KCSA Board on May 29. The palette was described as “a timeless, sophisticated, progressive, confident canvas for the future of our city.”

To see images of the approved brand identity, visit the KC Streetcar website at or visit

For more information, contact Tom Gerend at or 816-859-7040 or Chris Hernandez at or 816-513-3474.