Frequently Asked Questions

Is the downtown streetcar part of RideKC?

Yes. The Kansas City Downtown Streetcar is also branded as a RideKC service. It will connects to RideKC bus service along its two-mile route from Union Station to River Market. The streetcar also shares services with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.

Will the cost of riding the bus change?

Most fares throughout the Kansas City region will remain the same.  However, some fares on routes in Johnson County have been lowered to match the cost of local fares in the rest of the region. 

Will my route change?

The move to RideKC has not changed bus routes. There are other efforts to improve and re-arrange some routes for better access to jobs and other opportunities.  Be sure to watch this website for notices.

How do I learn more?

Hopefully this website answers many of your questions about RideKC, regional transit initiatives, and how to ride transit in Kansas City. We welcome your questions!

If you would like to send us a question, use this form.

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How and when will buses, shelters and stops be updated?

All transit agencies have begun the transition this year. In Kansas City, the majority of buses have been rebranded. 

Stops and shelters will be updated gradually to minimize costs and allow for a smooth transition for customers and transit providers. People will see the RideKC brand on the downtown streetcar in a more full implementation. Eventually, all transit in Kansas City will use RideKC on shelters, maps, vehicles.

Why the change?

Our goal is to make the transit experience throughout the region easy and intuitive for residents and visitors. In the Kansas City area, people don’t limit their work, shopping or education to one city or even one state boundary, and our public transportation providers can’t operate in silos either. Our transportation ecosystem has expanded from traditional buses to include bus rapid transit, bike sharing and a streetcar. It just makes sense to unite efforts across the region to improve service for our riders.

Why the name RideKC?

Good question! RideKC combines the action of “Ride” with the acronym “KC” that has come to define the Kansas City area. Ride is an active verb, a command, a lively word. And KC represents the region that we all call home, and the pride in the great things happening throughout the region; everything from sports to arts to dining.

RideKC is a unified presence for all transit agencies. We are connecting all transit agencies and making it easy to travel throughout the region, from KCK to Mission, from the Northland to Independence, from Blue Springs to Downtown.

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