Thirteen Johnson County Routes Renumbered Starting Jan. 3

Date:December 01, 2016
Effective:Jan 01, 2017

Printable route number reference card.

Starting Tuesday, Jan. 3, 13 routes serving Johnson County, Kan. will be renumbered as part of a new system for giving riders a better idea of the type of bus service they’re using, where the bus is taking them and the price of the bus fare. The new numbering system is organized into regions and types of service. Route numbers across the region are changing gradually. No date is set for completing the renumbering. Bus service and routes are not affected. This bulletin details the route numbers changing this winter, starting Tuesday, Jan. 3:

556 Metcalf-Plaza: Changing to 401 Metcalf-Plaza.

546 Johnson-Quivira: Changing to 402 Johnson Quivira

660 Antioch-Olathe: Changing to 403 Antioch-Olathe

664 Metcalf-Downtown: Changing to 404 Metcalf-Downtown

667 Nall: Changing to 405 Nall

672 JOCO to Downtown Midday: Changing to 435 JOCO to Downtown Midday

575 Quivira-75th Street: Changing to 475 Quivira-75th Street

812 JO Flex: Changing to 482 Overland Park Flex

710 K-10 Connector: Changing to 510 K-10 Connector

661 Olathe Xpress: Changing to 519 Olathe Express

678 Shawnee Xpress: Changing to 563 Shawnee Express

673 South OP Xpress: Changing to 569 South OP Express

670 Gardner-OP Xpress: Changing to 595 Gardner-OP Express

For route and schedule information, contact the Regional Call Center at (816) 221-0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.