Public Meetings for Proposed Bus Service Changes

Date:April 14, 2017
Effective:Apr 24, 2017

Public Meetings held April 24-27

Routes affected by changes: 

9 9th Street, 11 Northeast-Westside, 12 12th Street, 15 Truman Rd., 27 27th Street, 32 Linwood Link, 39 39th Street, 40 Crossroads-Plaza, 55 55th Street, 57 Wornall, 63 63rd Street, 71 Prospect, 77 Casino Cruiser , 85 Paseo, 110 Woodland-Brooklyn, 132 Gracemor, 135 Winnwood/69, 142 North Oak, 230 West Tiffany Springs, 231 East Tiffany Springs, 239 Tiffany Springs Link

KCATA will hold several public meetings to discuss proposed service changes that would affect Kansas City, Mo., routes beginning in July 2017. Affected routes are numerous and listed above. 

KCATA staff will explain the proposed changes, and provide an opportunity for customers to ask questions and comment at each meeting. Draft schedules will be available at the meetings and at this webpage April 24. It is not necessary to attend the entire meeting in order to comment.

Public meetings and comments

You may submit comments and questions by calling 816-346-0300, by email at, or by filling out the form at the bottom of this webpage. Comments can also be mailed to the Planning Department, KCATA, 1200 E. 18th St., Kansas City, MO 64108.

Here are the dates, times and locations for the upcoming meetings:

 - 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday, April 24, Park Hill School District, 7703 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City, Mo. - Facebook link
 - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, April 25, Kansas City Design Center, 1018 Baltimore, Kansas City, Mo. - Facebook link
 - 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 26, Bluford Branch, Kansas City Public Library, 3050 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, Mo. - Facebook link
 - 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday, April 27, Trailside Center, 9901 Holmes, Kansas City, Mo. - Facebook link

Passenger bulletins with final details and any changes will be issued in June. Look for them on your bus, or at

Summary of service changes

9 9th Street: First eastbound and first westbound trips eliminated on weekday mornings. The end of the route would change from 16th & Gennessee to 12th & Wyoming in the West Bottoms. The end of route the route on the east side will be moved from 12th & Winchester to Truman Road & Ewing. 

11 Northeast-Westside: First westbound and first eastbound trips eliminated on weekday mornings.

12 12th Street: Westside layover location at the end of the route would change from 9th & Pennsylvania to 12th & Wyandotte. The service to 12th & Pennsylvania service would be continued on westbound trips.

15 Truman Road: The end of route on the east side would move from Truman Road & Crystal to Truman Road & Ewing in the westbound lane.

27 27th Street: Draft Schedule 
Eliminate last westbound trip at night on weekdays. Eliminate first two eastbound and westbound trips on Sunday mornings. Eliminate last four eastbound and westbound trips on Sunday night.

32 Linwood Link: Service would be eliminated due to low ridership. High frequency service available one block north via 31 31 Street.

39 39th Street: Eliminate first eastbound and westbound trips on weekday mornings. Eliminate first two eastbound trips, first westbound trip and last westbound trip on Sundays. Saturday service would be reduced from 15-minute peak service to 30-minute all day service.

40 Crossroads-Plaza:
Route eliminated due to low ridership. Weekday service covered by new 55 Universities-Crossroads route. See 55 Draft Schedule

55 55th Street: Draft Schedule - Draft Map 
The route will be merged with existing 40-Crossroads Plaza route. The route will now travel from 3rd & Grand in the River Market, south via Wyandotte to Barney Allis Plaza, then south on Broadway to 25th & West Pennway to Southwest Trafficway and to the Country Club Plaza via Madison/Belleview before resuming the regular route. This new route will provide a single-seat ride from River Market to University of Missouri-Kansas City and the Blue Hill neighborhood. New Route name will be 55 Universities/Crossroads.

57 Wornall: Draft Schedule 
Route frequency on Saturday would change from 30-minute to 45-minute service,  and route frequency on Sunday would change from 30-minute to 90-minute service due to low ridership. Sunday service time shortened. Current route is continued from the Country Club Plaza to Minor/Oak.

63 63rd Street: Draft Schedule 
Eliminate first westbound trip Sunday morning and last westbound trip Sunday night.

71 Prospect: Draft Schedule 
Eliminate last northbound and last southbound trip on Sunday night.

77 Casino Cruiser: Draft Map - Northland Map
With the elimination of 132 Gracemor route, the 77 Casino will now serve North Brighton on both east and westbound trips between 210 Hwy and Northeast Parvin Road. 

85 Paseo: Draft Schedule
Eliminate last northbound and southbound trips on Sunday.

110 Woodland/Brooklyn: Draft Schedule - Draft Map 
Route will no longer serve Brooklyn from 18th Street to 22nd Street since it will remain on Woodland and provide front-door service to Lincoln High students. Route will end at 39th & Prospect and lay over in westbound lane. Route will be renumbered to 10 Woodland/Brooklyn.

132 Gracemor: Northland Map
Route eliminated because of low ridership. Gracemor neighborhood services shifted to changes proposed for the 135 Winnwood/69 Hwy route.

135 Winnwood-69 Hwy: Draft Schedule - Draft MapNorthland Map
Route modified to include Gracemor neighborhood service lost with elimination of the 132 Gracemor route. The north end of the route would be relocated from 69 Hwy and Eugene Fields to North Manchester and San Rafael. The southern end of the route will be relocated from 27th & Main to 12th & Grand. Route will travel from North Manchester and San Rafael north on North Manchester, west Northeast 51st, then north North Randolph to 69 Hwy before resuming the regular route. Route renumbered and renamed to 235 Winnwood/Gracemor. 

142 North Oak: Draft ScheduleNorthland Map 
Route will end at Boardwalk Square with service direct to Zona Rosa eliminated. Weekday route frequency would be reduced from 20-minute peak to 30-minute peak service. Route renumbered to 201 North Oak.

230/231 East/West Tiffany Springs: Northland Map
Route will be eliminated due to low ridership.

239 Tiffany Springs Link: Northland Map
Pilot route with front-door service to Harley Davidson Plant from 12th & Grand would be eliminated due to low ridership.

Comment period has ended. Please return to in June for updated maps and schedules. 

Service changes