Ten Kansas City Routes Scheduled for Renumbering

Date:December 01, 2016
Effective:Jan 01, 2017

Printable route number reference card.

Starting Sunday, Jan. 1, ten routes serving Kansas City will be renumbered as part of a new system for giving riders a better idea of the type of bus service they’re using, where the bus is taking them and the price of the bus fare. The new numbering system is organized into regions and types of service. Route numbers across the region are changing gradually. No date is set for completing the renumbering. Bus service and routes are not affected. This bulletin details the route numbers changing this winter, starting Sunday, Jan. 1:

296 Bannister Hillcrest MetroFlex: Changing to 98 Bannister Hillcrest Flex.

298 SKC Wornall MetroFlex: Changing to 99 SKC Wornall Flex.

244 NKC MetroFlex: Changing to 298 NKC Flex

237 Gladstone MetroFlex: Changing to 299 Gladstone Flex

252 Lee's Summit MetroFlex: Changing to 398 Lee's Summit Flex

253 Raytown MetroFlex: Changing to 399 Raytown Flex

34X Shoal Creek/Liberty Express: Changing to 535 Shoal Creek-Liberty Express

152 Lee’s Summit/Raytown Express: Changing to 550 Lee’s Summit-Raytown Express

170 Blue Springs Express: Changing to 570 Blue Springs Express

471 71 Hwy Express: Changing to 571 71 Hwy. Express

For route and schedule information, contact the Regional Call Center at (816) 221-0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. .