Regional Passes

COVID Update, January 2021: Fares are suspended on RideKC buses as a preventative message to reduce interaction among riders and bus operators. When fares resume, customers will be able to purchase fares in Transit. Fares are being changed on Freedom On-Demand, and effective Nov. 9, 2020, on 199 Micro Transit in KCK and 499 Micro Transit in Johnson County. See links for information on booking trips and paying fare through an app.

A pass can save you money and there are plenty to choose from depending on where you might be traveling: Thirty-one day passes, three-day passes, 10-ride passes and daily passes.  They are available at more than 40 locations in more than a half dozen cities throughout the greater Kansas City area. They’re also available on-line.

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Regional Pass

If you want one pass that will let you travel throughout the region, a 31-day pass is a good option. The 31-day pass is good on all local bus service in Kansas City, Johnson County, Wyandotte County and Independence. It is also good on routes 519, 529, 563, 569, 571 and 595. It costs $50. You can purchase it onlineA $25 Reduced Fare pass is available to qualified riders.

Three-day Pass

$8. Good for unlimited rides on three consecutive days. It’s only good on local service throughout the region and it’s only available online and at the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority’s offices at 1200 E. 18th St., Kansas City Mo. The pass is not valid on commuter express routes operating between downtown Kansas City and the Missouri/Kansas suburbs.

Day Pass

$3. This pass offers unlimited rides all day for local bus service in Kansas City, Missouri, Johnson County, Wyandotte County and Independence. The pass is only available on buses providing local service throughout the metro area. It cannot be purchased on express buses. It also is not valid on express routes.

Express 31-Day Pass

$95. Commuting every day between the Missouri suburbs and downtown Kansas City, or from Johnson County to Lawrence, Kan.? A 31-day express pass is the answer. It’s good on these routes: 510 K-10 Connector, 535 Shoal Creek-Liberty Express, 550 Lee’s Summit Express and 570 Blue Springs Express. There is no reduced fare pass for 510, 535, 550 and 570. 

Summer Youth Pass

$12. A special montly pass for youth ages 6 to 18 which can be purchased for June, July, and August. Pass is only good on Kansas City’s KCATA routes. It is not accepted in Johnson County, Wyandotte County or in Independence.

Johnson County 10-ride Pass

$20.25. A pass that is ideally used on commuter express routes operating between the Kansas suburbs and downtown.

$27.50. Pass for the 510 K-10 Connector between Overland Park and Lawrence, Kan.

Independence 10-ride Pass

$12. Only good on Independence routes.

Reduced Fares

Seniors, youth and riders with disabilities generally qualify for reduced fares for the regional 31-day pass as well as express passes in Missouri and Kansas. See Reduced Fares for details for reduced fare eligibility.