Opportunity Pass for Non-Profit Organizations

The Opportunity Pass Program begins on Aug. 1, 2019. This innovative program is designed to provide safety net providers an easy, longer-term farecard that allows their clients to access RideKC transit service on both sides of the state line. The RideKC Opportunity Pass is a free transit pass, developed in partnership with the Health Forward Foundation (formerly known as the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City). The foundation assisted KCATA in identifying organizations that are frontline providers of vital support services to some of the region’s most vulnerable populations. All of these organizations name transportation as a top need for their clients.


How does the RideKC Opportunity Pass program work?
Non-profit agencies will give their clients transit passes at their discretion. The agencies will be required to monitor usage and other data to help KCATA judge the effectiveness of the one-year pilot program.

Who are the partner agencies in the pilot program? 
KCATA partnered with the Health Forward Foundation to identify the following non-profit agencies for the pilot.

Bishop Sullivan
KC Care Center
Community Services League
Thrive Health Connection
Metro Lutheran Ministries
Hope House
Welcome House
Sheffield Place
Literacy KC
Redemptorist Center 
The Village Initiative

Can anyone sign up to get a free Opportunity Pass?
No. Only clients of partner non-profit providers will have access to the free Opportunity Pass.

When does the program start? 
August 1, 2019

Are passes valid on all RideKC transportation modes?
The pass will be accepted on all RideKC Buses except 510 K-10 Connector.
The pass is not valid on RIdeKC Micro Transit or any RideKC Freedom services.

Where does the money come from for the program?
During the pilot, the cost is shared by the partner agency transit budgets and the KCATA. As the program evolves, KCATA will work with partner agencies to find sustainable funding streams.

Can other non-profit agencies participate in the program? 
KCATA will evaluate the pilot and look for opportunities to expand it.

Opportunity Pass Program Client Stories

Opportunity Pass Contacts

For any pass issues or inquiries, please contact Pete Comer at 816-346-0296.