Employer Pass Program

Convenient and affordable way for employees to get to work

The Employer Pass Program is a great  employee  benefit employers can offer in partnership with RideKC.

How it works: The employer pays at least $5 toward the cost of a 31-Day bus pass for each participating employee and RideKC adds a $5 discount so employers can pass on significant savings to their employees. The employer contribution is tax deductible. Learn more about the passes we offer. 

Easy commute: The benefits to employees who commute with the Employer Pass Program are numerous. With less commuting stress and free WiFi on many of the buses, riders can either sit back and relax or have extra time to get work done.

Less demand for expensive employee parking.

Free park & rides: With over 30 park-and-ride locations across the metro area, employees can rest easy knowing they'll have less wear and tear on their vehicles as well as big savings on gas.

Employees are guaranteed two free taxi rides home a year in the case of an emergency. You must register for the service in advance. 

Benefits for employers and employees

For Employers

  • Save taxes: Contributions toward the cost of a bus pass are tax deductible.
  • Recruiting: Looking to gain an edge in hiring? Give employees a little extra to help cover the cost of their daily commute.
  • Build morale: Offer a new benefit that not only saves employees money but gives them a reliable and stress-free way of getting to work.
  • Reduce parking costs: Promoting public transportation can help companies with limited room for parking and cut down on the cost of providing a place to park.

For Employees

  • Cut commuting costs: Don’t have to gas up a car regularly. Reduces vehicle wear.
  • Saves time and money in parking: No more wasting time hunting for an expensive parking spot.
  • Tax savings: Commuters can pay for their pass with a pre-tax deduction.
  • Emergency rides home: Need to leave work immediately? A program offered by the Mid-America Regional Council provides two free taxi rides home per year in the case of an emergency. To register for this program call 816-842-RIDE or register online.

Want to know more or sign up?

Contact and ask about the Employer Pass Program. 

Click here for printable information about the Employer Pass Program.

Employer Pass Program