May 31: RideKC adds service after 9 PM

Date:May 12, 2020
Effective:May 31, 2020

May 31 Service Adjustments

Effective May 31, service on several RideKC routes will change, offering later service on routes that previously ran after 9 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Monday through Saturday, most routes in KCMO and KCK will continue to use Saturday service. Routes that operated later than 9 p.m. prior to April 2020 will extend past 9 p.m. on weekdays and weekends, effective May 31. Routes that will add later service include Main MAX, Troost MAX, Prospect MAX, 11 Northeast-Westside, 12 12th Street, 18 Indiana, 24 Independence, 27 27th Street, 31 31st Street, 39 39th Street, 47 Broadway, 77 Casino Cruiser, 85 Paseo, 101 State Ave., 201 North Oak, and 229 KCI Boardwalk.

229 and 529 will adjust times to better match work shifts at the KCI airport construction project. 529 will operate earlier in the morning and afternoon. 529 will add one trip in the morning, starting at 5:07 a.m. and 5:37 a.m. and traveling to East Village, Boardwalk Square, KCI job site and KCI Terminals B and C. 229 will have one less trip northbound in the morning; the first northbound 229 trip will be at 6:15 a.m. Riders of the 529 will be able to park south of the East Village Transit Center site at 12th & Charlotte.

118 18th Street will travel to Mission Transit Center. See separate bulletin for details, including map and timetable. 

Additionally, some bus sizes will change to address the number of riders on buses and allow for social distancing.

Online schedules are available on this webpage. RideKC’s mobile app and website schedules will be updated to reflect the new service.

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New Schedules, Effective May 31, 2020

Main MAX: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
Troost MAX: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
Propsect MAX: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
11 Northeast-Westside: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
12 12th Street: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
18 Indiana: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
24 Independence: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
27 27th Street: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
31 31st Street: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
39 39th Street: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
47 Broadway: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
77 Casino Cruiser: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
85 Paseo: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
101 State Ave.: Weekday
201 North Oak: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
229 Boardwalk-KCI: Weekday - Saturday - Sunday 
529 KCI Express Limited: Weekday 

More Impacts of COVID on RideKC  

Due to the significant drop in ridership across the region, safety precautions on board buses, and financial projections, we will continue to operate this reduced RideKC service through the summer. We will provide service that is safe for riders and operators; allows for travel to work; and allows us to make the best use of our limited staffing and financial resources.

Kansas City continues to be under an emergency order in response to COVID-19.

RideKC is continuing the following steps to keep riders and bus operators safe:

  • All riders are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings on board buses, at stops, and at any public place where distancing is difficult. Face coverings are required on Unified Government Transit routes.
  • On all RideKC buses with a rear door, riders should board and exit through the rear doors and maintain distancing on board buses.
  • Fares are currently suspended on all RideKC buses, including those operated by KCATA, Johnson County, Kansas City, Kansas, and Independence, Mo.
  • The Lost and Found procedure has changed and only essential items will be retained. Items can be retrieved by appointment. The Customer Service Lobby has closed.
  • 510 K-10 Connector is using its “break” schedule. 
  • RideKC is sanitizing buses on a daily basis.

At this time, there are no additional changes to Johnson County routes, Independence, Mo., routes or Unified Government Transit routes planned for May 31. The City of Independence is developing a plan for changes to transit service that could take place later this year. Details and a possible date for changes are still under discussion and will be shared when they become available.

The Guaranteed Emergency Ride Home remains in place and is available on weekdays. Sign up now. 

For further information, contact the Regional Call Center at 816-221-0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

RideKC route changes on May 31

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