RideKC Freedom Changes for COVID-19

Date:May 06, 2020
Effective:May 15, 2020

RideKC Freedom paratransit is making changes in response to current local conditions around COVID-19.

All passengers are must wear face coverings, such as a mask or bandana, to reduce the spread of COVID-19. There are health exceptions for those who should not wear a mask due to medical reasons. Please see information from the City of Kansas City, Mo., or the local jurisdiction in which you are riding.    

RideKC Freedom On-Demand will have a limit of 200 trips per day, first come, first served. Use cloth face coverings in Freedom On-Demand vehicles.

RideKC Freedom will continue to take these important safety steps to keep vehicles clean:

  • Cleaning or spraying disinfectant between passengers
  • Drivers wear cloth face coverings
  • All vehicles get a deep cleaning every night

For more information, call RideKC Freedom: (816) 842-9070

  • Option 1: RideKC Freedom: KCMO and Independence
  • Option 2: RideKC Freedom Johnson County
  • Option 3: RideKC Freedom: Wyandotte County
  • Option 4: RideKC Freedom On-Demand
  • Option 5: Eligibility Office: For all mobility services, including On-Demand
  • Option 6: Comments Line: For all regional mobility services (24-hour recorded line available Monday-Friday)