Riders Must Exit Buses at End of Route

Date:October 10, 2019
Effective:Nov 01, 2019

Riders on KCATA Buses Must Exit Buses at End of Route, Effective Nov. 1

Effective Nov. 1, RideKC will require riders to get off of KCATA buses at the end of a route. This change in policy is being made to improve safety for riders and bus operators, and improve operations of bus routes.

RideKC’s Code of Conduct will also be updated to reflect this change.

At the end of a bus route or at a layover point, riders will be required to exit. If a rider needs to continue their travel on the same bus, they must exit the bus at the end of the route, and board the bus when it returns to service.

Exceptions to the policy are:

  • When severe weather threatens the safety of a rider.
  • When a rider is in danger and has requested a Safe Place.
  • When a rider has requested law enforcement or emergency medical services.

For further information, contact the Regional Call Center at (816) 221-0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.