Transit Driver Appreciation Day is March 18

Date:March 17, 2016
Transit Driver Appreciation Day is March 18

Kansas City bus operators deal with a lot of challenges, whether it’s the weather, traffic, or a customer in a bad mood. But the best operators make driving the bus look easy.

No matter the circumstances, bus operators persevere. They work all hours, in all weather to make sure you have safe, reliable transportation.

Now is a good time to send a heartfelt thank you to the more than 450 Kansas City bus operators who are behind the wheel more than 700,000 hours a year.

This Friday, March 18, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority will pay tribute to its hardworking operators when it celebrates Transit Driver Appreciation Day (TDAD).

TDAD began in 2009, when two transit riders from Seattle wrote a blog post that inspired an international movement. KCATA is encouraging customers to join transit riders everywhere in showing appreciate to their operators.

Customers are asked to download online thank you cards or submit compliments through our website . They can also give a shout out to drivers on the KCATA’s Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #tdad.

Kansas City bus operators help the region function. Thousands of Kansas Citians count on operators to get to work, to class or to the doctor. They transport an average of 50,000 of people a day.

But in many ways they are more than just a driver. They take fares, give directions and ensure riders reach their destinations safely and on time.

So this Friday, thank your local bus operator, whether it’s when you’re boarding the bus, sending an email to the KCATA, or just leaving a kind message on Facebook. And let them know just how important they are to the community they so tirelessly serve.