Keeping riders, operators cool during heat wave

Date:July 20, 2017
Keeping riders, operators cool during heat wave

As the heat approaches a sweltering 100 degrees, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is taking steps to keep our operators and passengers cool.

Not only have we made our cooling bus available to our customers, but we also have been out providing bottled water to our drivers.

“One of the core values here at the KCATA is taking care of our people,” said Transportation Chief Bobby Edwards.

“With as hot as it’s been and could still get, a cold bottle of water for our operators and a cooling bus for our passengers is the least we can do.”


As our transportation supervisors crisscross the city each day, they offer water to our operators and, on some occasions, to our riders as well.

While RideKC buses are air conditioned, our operators are constantly opening and closing the bus doors throughout the day, allowing the heat to rush into the vehicle.

“It’s really hot out there and our operators drive for long hours,” said  Raed Kandah, on-street operations manager. “We hope an ice-cold water will help them get through the day.”

Coolers filled with ice have been placed in the back seat of each of the five transportation supervisors on duty each day. They deliver water to various locations during their shift.

These are just some of the ways we make transit a friendly experience in Kansas City. Come aboard and RideKC.