Commissioner Klika Awarded Transit Advocate of the Year

Date:November 25, 2015
Commissioner Klika Awarded Transit Advocate of the Year

It’s been a big year for public transportation in Kansas City, and Steve Klika has a played a big role.

As a Kansas City Area Transportation Authority Commissioner, Klika has helped steer the region toward a seamless and easy-to-use transit system serving the entire metro area.

Klika’s contributions were recently recognized when the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance named him Transit Advocate of the Year for 2015.

Serving as a Johnson County commissioner, Klika supported a small tax increase that put more money into community services that enhance the county’s quality of life, including a small portion for transit.

He also helped bring Johnson County’s transit service under the management umbrella of the KCATA, a major step toward building one regional transit system for the entire area.

The transit alliance praised Klika for his support of public transportation, saying his work is a step toward building one regional transit network.

“Steve showed that incremental change -- a slight property tax increase for transit, parks, and libraries -- is still possible in our fractured political system,” said Matt Kauffman, chairman of the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance. “This and other incremental changes are laying the groundwork for a larger regional transit effort that Kansas City needs to remain competitive.”

For his part, Klika played down the recognition.  

“This is isn’t about me,” Klika said. “It’s about all the people it takes to make it happen.”

Klika credited progress toward a regional transit system to a variety of people, including KCATA Chairman Robbie Makinen, Johnson County Deputy County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson, the Johnson County Commission and the team at the KCATA.

Before a monthly board of commissioners meeting, COO and Seattle Seahawks fan Sam Desue (left) swaps ties with Commissioner Steve Klika (right), a Green Bay Packers fan. The Packers beat the Seahawks 27-17 earlier this season.