Advanced services introduced for RideKC Freedom

Date:July 21, 2017
Advanced services introduced for RideKC Freedom

A couple months ago, our paratransit services took a big leap forward when we started reminding customers about trips they schedule on RideKC Freedom either by phone or text message.

Now, we’re going to take that a step forward with another innovation.

Starting July 10, RideKC Freedom — formerly known as Share-A-Fare — started notifying customers when their ride is just five minutes away either by text or phone call.

No more anxiously pacing at your door. No need to peer out your window waiting for your ride to pull up at your hour.

Now, customers will know almost down to the minute when their RideKC Freedom vehicle is just about on their doorstep.

RideKC Freedom customers will now enjoy the comfort of knowing when their ride is arriving and save valuable time for customers who are a part of the shared-ride program.

The new service is an upgrade from earlier this year when we started offering an automated system reminding our customers a day in advance about the trips they booked on RideKC Freedom.

RideKC Freedom customers can sign up for the 24-hour notification and the five-minute notices by calling 816-842-9070 or emailing us at