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Currently, RideKC Taxi is not accepting new applications; updates coming soon.

To apply for RideKC Freedom, please see information about:

About RideKC Taxi for Existing Taxi Customers

Where can I go and how much does it cost?
It’s up to you. Each one-way trip costs $5.00 and is good for up to 8 miles. Riders are responsible for fares beyond 8 miles. You are allowed 10 one-way trips each month.

How and when can I schedule a ride? 
7 days a week, including holidays. Simply call 10/10 Taxi at 816-777-1104 to schedule a trip. Please allow 45 minutes advance notice.

How do I load the card for payment?
You can load value onto your card either online or in person. You will receive information on how to do that when you are approved for the service.

How do I pay for my ride?
All taxis for this program are equipped with an electronic card reader. Simply swipe your card to pay your $5 fare. If your trip is longer than 8 miles you’ll need to use another form of payment.

How do I tip my driver?
Any tips must be provided in cash and are completely voluntary.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Simply call 816-221-0660 or email us at

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