RideKC Debuts Redesigned Schedules

Date:December 23, 2016
Effective:Jan 01, 2017

Beginning Jan. 1, a new, more contemporary looking bus schedule will start being distributed across the Kansas City region as part of the RideKC branding initiative.

The new schedule, intended to be easier to use and cleaner to read, conforms to the RideKC brand emblazoned on hundreds of buses crisscrossing the area.

With their design just completed, the new schedules will go out in phases, starting with bus routes that will be renumbered at the start of the year.

The pocket schedules feature new charts explaining how to pay with fares and passes. Downtown maps will include various transportation options, such as bike share and the streetcar. Express service schedules feature a new, quick guide to park-and-ride locations. The new route maps are drawn so they are proportionate to actual street lengths.

Initially, the new schedules will be available to riders on all Johnson County routes, express routes running between downtown and the suburbs in Missouri and Kansas and a handful of other routes. Schedules for all routes will get new schedules as they are replenished or reprinted in 2017.

In Missouri, the new schedules will be placed on these newly renumbered routes:

  • 23 23rd Street
  • 39 39th Street
  • 40 Crossroads-Plaza
  • 75 75th Street
  • 98 Bannister-Hillcrest Flex
  • 99 South Kansas City Flex
  • 298 North Kansas City Flex
  • 299 Gladstone-Antioch Flex
  • 398 Lee’s Summit Flex
  • 399 Raytown Flex
  • 535 Shoal Creek-Liberty Express
  • 550 Lee’s Summit Express
  • 570 Blue Springs Express
  • 571 71 Highway Express

In Kansas, the new schedules will be placed on all Johnson County routes. In Wyandotte County, the new schedules will be placed on 102 Central, 104 Argentine and 107 7th Street-Parallel.

The new schedule design is just one more step toward uniting the region under one transit system that’s easy to use whether you live in Missouri or Kansas, Jackson County or Johnson County.

Get a closer look at the changes. (PDF)

New RideKC Schedules

For route and schedule information, contact the Regional Call Center at 816.221.0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.